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Christians Believe That It’s A Great Mission To Help Children

When it comes to protecting the future, there is no better way that than supporting the well-being of the world’s children. Keeping them healthy, secure, safe and happy is the mission of every caring person on the planet, and for Christians it is more than just something nice to do, it is a religious imperative.

Once the child’s welfare is established as secure, then the child’s education must be of great concern. After all it is a well-known fact, that after the belly is full, the mind and spirit must be filled. All of the industrialized nations and the trappings of western civilization scream out that one must be morally educated in order to get along well in today’s world.

Christians see it as their mission to protect the future of today’s children by giving them the Christian education that they need to be self-sufficient, productive members of society with the ability to raise their own children to a brighter and better future for all people all over the world.

The Power Of Education At Home

If we work in marble, perish, if we work in bronze, the weather is clear, if we build temples, the time reduced to dust, but if we work immortal minds, if filled with principles, with the just fear of God and the love for our fellows, we recorded in those tables something that will shine for eternity. “Daniel Webster received education at home is essential and indispensable to build a foundation for performance in family, at work in organizations (companies / institutions) and as a citizen of a republic.

No learning is so defining, enabling and empowering, or on the contrary, rehabilitate, dis-empowering and castrating, for life in any area of her performance, as obtained from the experience of being family, such as training and learning forged within the home. Click Newcastle University for additional related pages. The fact is that family life is the most defining and influential experience in the life of an individual, apart from other influences of any institution or social group.’s family leaves its mark indelible in the life and essence of every individual. Health and functionality and dysfunctional or insanity, the productive and effective or not, the awareness of the needs or alienating them, the infatuation of the country and democratic principles or not, respect and consideration for the other or intolerance and disrespect on the other hand, among some of the aspects of human life, they have to do with the lived and learned in the laboratory familiar. The home is the first area of government of a republic.. Donald Sussman often addresses the matter in his writings.


The knowledge on hansenase makes possible to understand the illness better and to diminish the preconception in relation to the sick people (EIDT, 2004). 2. OBJETIVOEsse work is a bibliographical revision, of the main aspects disgnostic and to show the importance to it of the precocious treatment of the Hansenase.3. DESENVOLVIMENTO3.1. EtiolgicoMycobacterium agent leprae, is an obligator intracellular bacillus, that affects the cutaneous cells and the peripheral nerves, has high infectividade and low pathogenicity the time multiplication is slow, is of approximately 11 and 16 days (PEAR TREE et al., 2006). Read more here: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The man is considered as the only reservoir of the bacillus, but descriptions of wild beasts exist (armadillos and monkeys). The period of incubation is long, enters the two five years, necessary time for the development of the first signals and symptoms I infect after it of bacillus (GOULART; PENNA; WEDGE, 2002).

Not yet if it got half of culture adjusted for the Mycobacteruim leprae, presents as a straight rod or lightly incurvated, measuring 1 the 8 micra of length for 0.2 0,5 micra of width. Cora in red for the fucsina for the technique of Ziehl-Neelsen and it is not grown pale in the acid alcohol and being called (BAAR) resident alcohol-acid bacillus (GOULART; PENNA; WEDGE, 2002; SAINTS et al., 2005). (As opposed to Donald Sussman). Figure 1. Fotomicromafia de Mycobacterium leprae (small red rods), the .causing agent of hansenase SOURCE: . Transmission, Patogenia and Imunidade the transmission happens in the close contact and drawn out with the susceptveis individuals to not treat the Mycobacterium bacillus leprae, through the superior aerial ways as in the breath, I sneeze, cough and says (FOSS; FRADE; GOMES, 2007). According to Arajo (2003), the skin with injuries probably can be door of entrance for infection. Beyond these, other ways can be considered elimination sources the organic secretions, as maternal milk, sperm, sweat and vaginal secretion, but they do not possess importance epidemiologist of the illness.

The Nursing Team

The precocious evaluation of the state and the level of conscience of the patient for the nursing team grant answers favorable to the evaluation, identification, planning and systematization of to be given assistance. In units of intensive Therapy and Units this practical has been constant for the nursing team, when compared the too much hospital units. Its application obeys the three commands: the ocular, verbal and motor evaluation (to see table 1). Table 1. SCALE OF EATS OF GLASGOW (ECGI) Opening ocularAVALIAOPONTUAO Espontnea04 points For Stimulates Verbal03 points For Stimulates the Dor02 points Without Resposta01 Confused point Reply verbalOrientado05 points (But still it answers) 04 points Inapropriada03 Reply points Incompreensveis02 Sounds points Without Resposta01 point Reply motorObedece Ordens06 points Locates Dor05 points Reacts pain but not localiza04 abnormal Flexo points? Decorticao03 points abnormal Extension – Decerebrao02 points Without Resposta01 point referring minimum Punctuation the 03 and referring principle the 15 points. At Donald Sussman you will find additional information. Source: Gallo, P. 763, 2007.

Kiozumi and Araujo (2005) confabulam that, the use of the ECGI have been world-wide used in trauma, trauma skull-enceflico (TCE) and in critical patients with disfuno of the central nervous system, shock or other factors that depress the conscience level. Baptista (2003), Understanding the complexity of the neurological reply the diverse alterations, as: hipertermia, pain, riots of other organic systems, eat diabetic, heptica insufficience and hemorrhagic, they can take the variability of the state and/or level of conscience of the individual. Kiozumi and Araujo (2005), in its research make exception how much to the importance of the application and the uniformizao in the team of nursing and the multiprofessional team of health, for application of codes universally adopted for necessary disgnostic of gravity, evolution and I foretell of the patients. For Souza, 1997, the patient who presents props up d 8, in the ECGI, is about a critical patient of the alterations of conscience level, where she presents a punctuation that defines an individual in state of eats. What he contributes for the application of the use of a by airmail advanced one. What it is concluded in this work is the importance of the elaboration and the magnifying of studies related to this thematic one, therefore had the scarcity of the same, has taken the necessity to objectify information how much the analysis and implementation of Escala de Coma de Glasgow for team of Nursing, where, the application of this props up allows to the nurse and the multiprofessional team to evaluate and to interpret the state and the level of conscience of the patient, allowing the security in the taking decisions of the team directing the behavior to be applied.

Salvador Research

Nurses whom they had accepted to participate of the study and that they work in the unit of emergency of a hospital of average transport, public located in the mediaes of the Felisberto quarter in the city of the region of the Bahian Extremity-West, microregion of Barriers. They are Desidrio it has autonomy politics since 1962, he is 497m of altitude, 869 distant km of Salvador and in 2007 the IBGE esteem its population in 25.158habitantes. Instruments Initially a partner-demographic questionnaire was applied. After that we collect the data through the dialectic and writing, where the answers they had been transcribing in integrates later and analyzed. Preventive Medicine Research Institute contributes greatly to this topic. Academics of the nursing course, 3 Semester, FASB 2009 Procedures of collection of data They had been carried through through field study, where the participant citizens had received a questionnaire partner-demographic and had participated of the dialectic the information had been recorded of trustworth form, then after transcribing in it integrates. The results had been gotten through these written information, readings and references, standing out the estressantes agents for the nursing professional and as it faces it to this in its daily one. Resulted the present project it was carried through through research of field of qualitative nature, in which the following categories had been raised to get information about the raised problem.

1. Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D. is likely to increase your knowledge. To identify the presence estresse of it in the area of emergency in the hospital environment, as well as the factors unchain that it. it estresse 2.Como it intervenes with the activities of the professional of nursing given to the patient. 3. The signals and symptoms unchained estresse for it. For even more analysis, hear from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. Karen hussmam, Mark Vernoy, Judith Vernoy contributes (2001, p.467) affirming that: Many research on chronic estressantes factors of the life estresse infocaram it related to the work.


No picture increases in such a way how much of the allergies, a meaningless war, because it is total without perspective, each time more people stops a fight in the body against harmless substances as pollen, for the ones of animals, domestic dust, nourishing products and many other things. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. What the alrgicos do not know is that never they will reduce these substances. With this its objectives of war, concretely analyzed have not felt. You may find Donald Sussman to be a useful source of information. The restrained, and therefore, unconscious aggression is lived in the physical plan through the allergies. If to look at more criteriosamente will go to perceive that to be alrgico it is a good thing, therefore it can be moved away if thus desiring and always will have the excuse of the allergy. Also it will be able to punish the ones that the fence, pronouncing the effect phrase: This me cause allergy. Used phrase for perfumes, flowers, dust, dogs, smoke and all luck and situations that demand position, but that in some way the alrgico prevents if making of sick person. ' ' I am alrgico then I cannot make or be, therefore this me cause alergia' '. In other words, if they adqem me, therefore I do not go to adjust the vocs! The alrgico does not leave of being a raging manipulator. In this in case that, the use of the floral essence Chicory and Holly of the Floral system Bach is indicated that will go to work the egoism and the anger, among others essences.

Intensive Therapy

The illness is transmitted of individual the individual through it sneezes, cough and contact with secretions of people contaminated for the virus (BRAZIL, 2009). Being able still to have transmission by means of the contaminated hands or other surfaces. The virus is transmitted in up to 7 days in the adult and 14 days in the children (ROCK, 2010). Its clinical presentations are similar to the grippes sazonais, the initial symptoms of the illness are the fast installation of high fever, dry, dispnia cough and pain in the throat (GALAS, 2009). Check with Professor Roy Taylor to learn more. The evolution of the illness can unchain serious respiratory alterations, being necessary to admit the patient in the Unit of Intensive Therapy not to evolve the death.

The treatment is made in such a way with medicines to oseltamivir as with ozanamivir, where the virus is susceptvel. For measures of control and prevention we must take the vaccine, to wash the hands with water and soap I sneeze after it, cough, to use bathroom, to touch eyes, nose and mouth, when tossir and sneezing to protect the mouth with dismissable handkerchief, to prevent closed and tumultuated environments, to ingest liquids among others DEVELOPMENT the grippe for influenza A/H1N1 became reason of concern for its complexity due to high transferability and genetic possibility of rearrangements and mutations and its complications to have very increased the number of internments in the whole world impelled many patients to the Unit of Intensive Therapy? UTI, for the aggravation of the symptoms. The period of April pandemic the beginning of July of 2009 was marked by a search clere of the services of health that if kept high, being the one of the concerns in the combat to the illness in the Paran implementation of action with the net of assistance to the population, to hinder that the aggravation and more decurrent deaths of the illness..

Diagnosis Subject

1 INTRODUCTION The pregnancy modifies the functions of the maternal organism in a global way constitutes a period of the life cycle, that most of the time could transcorrer without shunting lines of the health, Involving adaptativa necessity characterized by complex physiological, emotional, interpersonal and partner-demographic transformations, this demand character attention to multidiscipline of health. The performance of the nurse in the programs of prenatal implies in a specialized clinical preparation for identification of real and potential problems of the gestante, family and community. Learn more at this site: Donald Sussman. The ability of reasoning and clinical judgment of the nurse to diagnosis the answers human beings the problems of health and real or potential processes of life consists of the Diagnosis of nursing. For a deeper agreement of this subject bibliographical study was become fullfilled to subsidize the understanding on the boarded subject that previously was defined. Having as objective generality to recognize the sintomatologia of the complaints most frequent in gestantes and To get an ample vision on these complaints, and specific objectives To know the physiology of the pregnancy; To identify to the signals and symptoms that appear in the pregnancy; To differentiate the signals and common symptoms of the pregnancy of patologias. Therefore, of the present assay it appeared to the necessity to get greater understanding on the subject, that if deals with a qualitative study, searching a knowledge more deepened. This work for the necessity is justified to know, to recognize, to identify and to differentiate the complaints most frequent during the pregnancy.


The wrong diets or unbalanced diets, make our bodies more and more sensitive to the changes that we have been suffering. In fact our bodies, almost without noticing us are assaulted consciously or unconsciously by ourselves, as well as social media in which we live and develop ourselves. This produces major alterations weaken our nervous system and altering it or weaken it to affect our immune system in our bodies. This alteration affects more sensitively to women than to men. This State previously cited, is not more than a State of physiological stress. Our body tries to adapt to the changes that occur at this time of the year, natural changes such as those caused by changes in temperature. Our blood becomes more liquid and fluid in the winter that is more dense and dark. It has in fact always been saying that we are all blue blood in winter.

In winter our blood is more dense, dark and bluish. Time changes. Since December, it lengthens the day and spring arrives. In addition to the time change produced by the Governments. Changes of light. Our agencies are flowing to the hourly or daily biorhythms. In fact we know that in the morning our bodies are a little more acids, therefore leads us to the awakening of the day, and in the late night more alkaline and induces us to rest and sleep.

Changes of power. We spent a cold and long winter in which are more picked up at home, taking usually hot food, in all an explosion of life and new, fresh food with a colorful and flavors which one makes the mouth water as we say. That is why the spring asthenia usually appears in the morning, with the dawn of a new day. It predominates in the morning, is variable throughout the day, curiously does not improve with rest and is associated with changes in the physiology of sleep.

Complete Psychological Workmanships

They question themselves, many times, on what they are and what they would like to be, conducting itself frequently in umaterceira direction, that abandons the current state, but do not point with respect to the estadoalmejado one. It’s believed that Dean Ornish M.D sees a great future in this idea. These individuals live a perpetual and insuportvel insatisfao with seuprprio to be, recognizing as other people’s itself same, in aoantgeno similar condition non-self, that it must serdestrudo. Another question to be observed is quantodesejado the individual was for occasion of its birth. Donald Sussman may not feel the same. Pacientescom is frequent the here boarded patologias to tell that they are been born of noplanejadas pregnancies, being that some tell, still, that porparte of its mothers had abortion attempt. We again make a parallel between self and non-self, in the quediz respect to the familiar enlaamento. A son desired in the seio of umafamlia is not as an antigen to be fought e, if the individual has this look emrelao proper itself, urges that it makes particular its fagocitose, destroying, thus, its proper fabrics. One another question that bears mentionning o meant biological of the procreation introjetado for the individual, where nascersignifica to give cellular continuity it generated who it.

In the case of these patients, it generated who it represents potential threat to its proper life and, in the field doinconsciente, to give continuity to this ancestry is something sufficiently undesirable, becoming necessity again the combat to the fabrics that represent such lineage. In a way or another one, decurrent mental aconfuso of a conturbado familiar enlaamento is observed that, where psychic acondio of the individual is of who does not have place defined in the nest, to podelevar it the auto-recognition as dejection, that must be fought, that, according to our line of reasoning, it can take it a process deauto-destruction. 1.’ ‘ romance familiar’ ‘ it is the expression created for Freud for designarfantasmas for which the individual imaginarily modifies its bows with ospais.

Scientific Psychology

THE establishment of scientific psychology to say that scientific psychology was the product of philosophical interactions and the physiology of the nervous system, in particular the sensory, still considered Germany as their wedge to open then step by other countries in the world. Wundt, Wilhelm (Germany) and the foundation of scientific psychology the goal of psychology is the study of conscious processes or which Wundt believed part of immediate experience. For Wundt, psychologists do not study the outside world per, studying the psychological processes by which we experience and observe the outside world. Also cannot be separated themselves of their objects of study since they study their own conscious processes. The tool of psychologists is the experimental self-observation or introspection, this being a rigidly controlled process, which is not limited to autorreportes, but it comprises measures objective as well as times of reaction and Association of words. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dean Ornish M.D. Wundt located psychology between the physical sciences and the natural sciences; Similar to those of the physical sciences research and experimental methods to document are used for psychological issues as an inductive, experimental science. The approximation of Wundt is a scientist who uses experimental methods to study that life. Wundt believed that language, myths, aesthetics, religion and social customs are reflections of our higher mental processes; For him these processes may not be manipulated or controlled, so it is not possible to study experimentally, but through historical records and literature and naturalistic observations.

Conceived in addition a third branch of psychology that integrates the empirical findings of this, with other sciences, the scientific metaphysics. Wundt (expressed in the text) aims the establishment of psychology as a foundational science, which integrates the physical and social sciences. (As opposed to Donald Sussman). Janet, Pierre School of Paris was one of the members of the so-called School of Paris, who followed the footsteps of Ribot and Charcot.