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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Human Street

Since I have said before, by my work and my day to day I very see close by the problematic one of the abandonment, but I do not have to take one hundred steps to see the clear example of the human irresponsibility with the animal, in the urbanization where I reside is almost impossible to give a stroll without seeing dogs and cats deanbulando free by the streets, without necklace, plate, chip and sterilizing, every year appear more cats in my eaten street asking, are cats born in the streets, the dogs pursue in groups, mate among them etc.y but surprising it is that they are not left, they have proprietor, usually they are racially mixed dogs of great size or medium, all estan dirty, without cepillar and many of them are aggressive with the people. their irresponsible proprietors have infinity of arguments to defend " " freedom of his " " mascots, but in any case do not consider neither the security of their dogs nor the one of the even young people who take a walk by the street, nor the dirt and the flaws which they make the animal in dustbins, nor think either about the dangerous thing that a car was with one of these dogs, could bring about an accident that could be mortal for the conductor and the dog. it either does not seem to matter to them of the puppies the future that naceran of the matings between street dogs. It would like to be able to contribute me a number of the puppies that are born in this way in the urbanizations and countryside, but unfortunately I do not have numbers, although surely they would be sorprendentes.o equivalent to the numbers of abandonments of protective animal associations. to all these puppies podriamos them to add the hundreds of dogs left after every season of hunting. .

James Friedrich Nietzsche

It acts as if everything you do mark the difference, really makes it. William James Friedrich Nietzsche said: what does not kill me makes me more strong. Learn from your experiences you strengthens. Believe it or not you’re the greater expert as regards your life is. No one knows better than you yourself (or friends, nor relatives, nor doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists or other specialists.) You are unique and unrepeatable, (no matter what anyone says). Who see everyday life as a rat race even when they win don’t let having a limited perspective of how big that existence can be.

I want to share my experiences with you that definitely will help you to be a better human being. I am a being of flesh and blood just like anyone else. The only difference between you and me is that I know that the small defeats today are key to the success of morning and have walked the path that you transitas today. I have studied the laws of prosperity for many years and that is the reason why I want to share with you that knowledge and how to apply it to your life. We are living in an amazing age where human beings can achieve the most implausible things and where as never before we can turn dreams into reality. I am sure that with this wisdom will achieve great things, also I know you’re going to try to improve your existence for a couple of reasons: first it is your life and you are only responsible for what you do with it and what you get (no one else has that responsibility). Second: You only have one life, the most valuable in the world because it is yours. That things sometimes have not gone as you want? Overcome it, get up, shake the dust and begins to walk.