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Monthly Archives: December 2013

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John Trausi

In his walks, is still weak, with the library tThe Papelu Palace owned by Mr. Chang that sells a notebook blue Portuguese, this event Orr provokes a desire to write again, and out of his long creative inactivity. The story goes on to talk in the book is of a character named Bowen which life changes dramatically after a gargoyle, when it fell, almost killed him, leaving his wife without warning and travels to another city where he finds a job the Preservation eOficina Historicau offered by a taxi driver, the place is hidden, is a fallout shelter and the data must be preserved are nothing more than telephone directories around the world and from different eras. The driver died and Bowen gets locked inside the shelter with no way out, during her confinement lee oraculou night eThe a new book, until it runs out of light. Meanwhile, his wife travels to that city to find him.

The text is filled with notations. Parallel stories about cooking or literary references, including footnotes comments on who was based for the construction of some characters, for example, "he says Bowen takes a eFlitcraftu Hammett character, which also changes of life after escape the collapse of a beam, making the three characters in Orr reborn beings – Bowen – Flitcraft, besides giving information on the life a real Sydney. At this level of a reality first person is told through the travails of the recovery of the writer, the relationship with his best friend, John Trausi-and the latter with his wife.