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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sicilian Regional Assembly

Sicily – it's a wonderful world that is not similar to anything else. Despite the fact that Sicily is part of Italy, it is populated not by the Italians, and Sicilians – people who have somewhat different mentality from the Italians. All The fact is that the long history of Sicily, which is full of conquests and revolts as well as the invaders came from almost all corners of the world, then this could not leave a footprint on the culture of the conquered people. Antonio Di Stefano explained very well, "the history of Sicily", saying that her story – a "history of civilization, which at the same time a history of various civilizations, it is the story of one of the world: the Mediterranean." Thus, For example, the Greeks left a lot of myths in Sicily, and Homer and Virgil, colorfully described the ancient inhabitants of Sicily, listrigonov and Cyclops, and the island still bears traces of these myths are still so into the sea and now we can see blocks of rocks that metal angry Cyclops, Odysseus when he gouged out his eyes and ran away. A cold winter has come to Sicily when she was kidnapped daughter of Demeter, Persephone.

However, Sicily is obliged not only to the Greeks their myths, but also their flag. The Greeks said that the island has three of the cape, for which he received the name-trinakriya. Therefore, the symbol of Sicily was the triskelion – an ancient symbol representing the three running legs that go from one point, they and characterized the three Cape Island. However, the Greeks were a people of philosophers, so initially placed at the head of Medusa triskelion picture – the worst of the Gorgon sisters, instead of having the hair of snakes (However, this myth is all they know). Subsequently transformed into a gorgon normal female head, perhaps it was the head of the goddess, it is sometimes depicted with wings, to show the eternal flow of time (again, remembering that it was the Greeks, inclined to find in one subject one thousand interpretations), and left the snake to show wisdom. Although nowadays usually replaced by a snake ears of wheat, showing the abundance of the island. Trinakriya adopted the Sicilian Regional Assembly as an integral part of the Sicilian flag, and was placed in the middle of the flag at the crossing of red and yellow fields of the flag.


Provides a wealth of information on marine protected areas Interesting multimedia section with photos and videos of Marine Reserves says the new location of its web site: From the Red Iberoamericana de Reservas Marinas inform subscribers of the newsletter, which has already begun operate the new format of the website located at the address where were updated and created new content and sections, (gallery of images from the Spanish and American reservations, a multimedia section with videos on marine reserves and Fisheries sustainability initiatives) targeted outreach and dissemination of information on marine protected areas in Spain and Latin America. This species has endured for decades a strong fishing, because its flesh is very good and is considered a delicacy in some countries it is commonly known as “sea calf”. the best song, Halo, by Because of this intense over the North Atlantic population has suffered a sharp decline in the last 40 years, compared with the current population of 40 years that we have suffered a decline of up to 89 . Because of this today is not very abundant and the copies are getting smaller. The population of sharks cailon the northern Atlantic Ocean (particularly in European waters) is in critical danger of extinction, which scientists have for years warned that European fisheries monitoring of this shark, because of this in Europe for some years attempts to pass a law that regulates the number of catches of this monola. Catch it commercially in large quantities with long drift, and a smaller number of network gear, is also popular in sport fishing by the power of your strength, but not usually jump out of the water like its relative the mako.