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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Muscle Health

Usually when he trains in the gym looks improve fitness, increase muscle mass of arms, abdomen, legs, buttocks back. However not all achieve the desired purpose. To increase muscle mass, it is not necessary to exceed in physical training, or consume large amounts of proteins, much less use anabolic steroids. One of the mistakes most common in athletes who seek to increase their muscle mass r, is believing that a high intake of protein is needed. While it is true that these nutrients are used by the body to build tissues, it is also true that the consumption of protein by itself does not provide the desired result and if it exceeds its consumption can represent true risk to health. Proteins have a key role in the increase of muscle mass but the necessary caloric intake during sports training makes that proteins are transformed by the body and used as fuel, not to generate tissues. What you should do is increase the amount of carbohydrates that help the caloric intake and thus allow that proteins are actually used in the generation of tissues and very minimally in calorie consumption. The protein requirement of the body to be used in generation of tissues is typically 1.5 to 2 grams daily for each kilogram of body weight. As important as the proteins are carbohydrates which combined help the muscle formation and completed physical activity prevent wear that leads to loss of protein. Carbohydrates increase blood volume of insulin, which is a hormone needed for muscle development and other tissues of the body.

The Psychosomatic

For the author, the cure processes are in each one of us, what it strengthens the works played in oncolgicos patients for the Simonton (1978). Grodeck (apud AVILA, 1998) affirms, in this direction that ' ' the treatment consists not of removing the evil, but the resistncias that if oppose the cure, to the normal development of the process fisiolgico.' ' (p 130) using as Still referencial the research of Rossi and Santos (2002), to the end of the publication the authors allege that amongst the positive perspectives lived deeply by the oncolgicas patients it is the fact of ' ' to have start to more value the nature (…), the present moment and the life in a way geral' ' , providing &#039 to them; ' a redimensionamento of the life and a revision of valores' '. (p 40) In this aspect, we add: ' ' the illness is not an end, but one meio.' ' (GRODECK apud AVILA, 1998, p 36) a way to reencontrar itself in the world, a way to find itself exactly! FINAL CONSIDERAES: This article provided in them to make an interlacement between the psychosomatic perspective and adoecer, specifying the cancer since this is a so recurrent disease in the modern world and nor always is decurrent of genetic factors. We understand from that the Man is capable to influence its addition through psychological contents, being the illness a consequence of the ways to act of the mind. In such a way, we use in them of the psychosomatic one to see with new eyes ' ' poderes' ' of the psychic phenomena for, from now on, investigating which the factors that hinder and/or contribute so that the oncolgico patient acts in its imunolgico system of beneficial form and provide to its cure. She is necessary to help the individual to express what it aches, what it silenced for as much time and its only form to display such fact was the somatizao.


DECONSTRUCCION OF the PSYCHOPATHOLOGY In the article: Schizophrenia: components of the personality like risk factors, Lemos Giraldez S. (1989) realises a dissection of the vision of this alteration, from the study of the components of the personality. setts-ID024341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal and gain more knowledge.. First of all, sample that still does not exist an agreement on the analysis of these components, nor on the knowledge of the nature and the causes of this upheaval, and either on the relations of both. But it emphasizes that certain indicators of the personality can be deduced that can influence in him. The author indicates that the possibility that exists there are premorbid characteristics that the future indicate upheaval, that it is possible to be indicated by its marked characteristics to the subjects in risk, and that schizophrenic genotype can mark the personality through esquizotpicos or esquizoides characteristics in schizophrenic futures or their nonpsictica family.

In addition, it realises an exhaustive route by its etiolgicos aspects, analyzing visions and models of different authors; and it realises another one by diverse studies of the personality pre-schizophrenic. Both, allow him to reach the conclusion that the personality is not the unique cause of the Schizophrenia, but that according to many studies, strong or weak personalities are related respectively to positive or negative evolutions of the upheaval. As it is possible to be seen in the article, if part of the knowledge of the characteristics characteristic of the human beings offered by Psychological Science, is possible the comparison and the classification of the people, in agreement with needs and objectives, obtaining itself a valuation when relating them to statistical normality, with the characteristics of the majority. But, it happens that the valuation of these personal characteristics is very variable in the space and the time, so that a determining sociohistrico frame is formed and valid for a little while given and it does not stop another one.