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Monthly Archives: February 2015


The sleeplessness is the upheaval of sleep most frequent in the population in general, being recognized for the OMS as a problem of health pblica1 had to the impact negativo to the physical and mental health, social activity, capacity for the work and quality of life of the individuals. Although this, this subject has not received the had attention from the professionals of the area of the proper health and insones, in the majority of the cases, does not look for professional aid qualificada.11 For Pafaro and Martino1 During it estresse the signals and symptoms that occur more frequently are of the physical level as: increase of sudorese, knot in the stomach, muscular, taquicardia tension, hipertenso, squeeze of the jaw and to creak of cold teeth, hiperatividade, hands and feet, nauseas. Picture 02 – Symptoms presented for the academics in last week SINTOMASTotal% 1Problemas with memria20 (48%) 2Mal-to be generalized, without cause especfica13 (31%) 3Formigamento of the extremities– 4Sensao of physical consuming constante31 (74%) 5Mudana of apetite19 (45%) 6Aparecimento of problems dermatolgicos9 (21%) 7Hipertenso arterial2 (5%) 8Cansao constante32 (76%) 9Gastrite, ulcer or stomachal indisposio very prolongada7 (17%) 10Tontura or sensation to be flutuando10 (24%) emotiva 11Sensibilidade excessiva14 (33%) 12Dvida how much itself prprio8 (19%) to 13Pensar constantly in one only assunto19 (45%) 14Irritabilidade excessiva19 (45%) 15Diminuio of libido6 (14%) Analyzing picture 02, in phase II, the symptom that if sobressaiu was constant fatigue, evidenced in 76% of the academics, followed for sensation of constant physical consuming, cited for 74% of the participants. Still in accordance with Pafaro and Martino In psychological terms, some symptoms can occur as: anxiety, tension, anguish, interpersonal sleeplessness, alienation, difficulties, doubts how much itself proper, extreme concern, inability to concentrate in other subjects that not related it to the estressor, difficulties to relax, tdio, anger, depression, emotiva hipersensibilidade. Picture 3 – Symptoms presented for the academics in last month SINTOMASTotal% 1Diarria freqente1 (2%) 2Dificuldades sexuais2 (5%) 3Insnia25 (60%) 4Nusea15 (36%) 5Tiques2 (5%) arterial 6Hipertenso continuada1 (2%) 7Problemas dermatological prolongados6 (14%) extreme 8Mudana of apetite13 (31%) 9Excesso of gases7 (17%) 10Tontura freqente5 (12%) 11lcera, colite or another one problema2 (5%) 12Enfarte– 13Impossibilidade to work– 14Pesadelos freqentes6 (14%) 15Sensao of incompetence in all reas3 (7%) 16Vontade to run away from tudo21 (50%) 17Apatia, depression or anger prolongada7 (17%) 18Cansao constant and excessivo26 (62%) to 19Pensar and to speak constantly in one only assunto12 (29%) frequent 20Irritabilidade without cause aparente15 (36%) 21Angstia, anxiety, fear diariamente22 (52%) 22Hipersensibilidade emotiva12 (29%) 23Perda of sense of humor16 (38%) Evaluating picture 03, on the symptoms presented for the academics in the last month, 60% presents sleeplessness, 62% presents constant and extreme fatigue, 52% had told anguish, anxiety and fear daily, and still the will was disclosed to run away from everything for 50% of the sample.

Less Sensitive

Many men believe that the bigger and fuller woman, the more work and effort needed to make that would partner reached orgasm. As well, often there is a perception that the larger the woman, the greater should be your penis, that would satisfy her. All of this is unfounded myths, like many others associated with fatty misconceptions among the male population. Now I will try to dispel them. Most obese women are the most common sizes vagina. The total mass of the body can in no way affect its size. But the sexual sensitivity of tolstushek all just fine.

Moreover, overweight women, according to statistics, more likely to reach orgasm. All case in biochemistry. Desire for sex is regulated by hypothalamus and endocrine glands. This chain runs roughly as follows: ductless glands provide an initial biochemical reaction, then action enters the hypothalamus, which it processes and produce the final result, namely sexual desire. Sexual attraction depends also on many other factors. One of the most important factors in women, is the development hormone leptin.

What do you think, where leptin is produced? That's right, fat! Therefore tolstushek leptin levels are always high, and this in turn leads to increased work of the hypothalamus, which causes the remaining hormones that work to its fullest. But all this splendor, running up until fatty does not sit down on a strict diet to suit contemporary fashion. During fasting, the level of adipose tissue tolstushek begins to decrease, correspondingly decreases leptin levels. hypothalamus, which determines the level of energy reserves of the body is exhausted, begins to reduce the level of sexual desire, thus attempting to reduce energy consumption. Why? After As we all know, sex rather energy-consuming for the human body lesson here is vital. Thus, the body goes into "economy mode" operation, the maximum loss is not vital functions, including sexual desire. Summarizing our title, we can safely answer: bbw less sensitive to sex is a myth!


Only alloys. Virtually all prodavaemye cast and forged wheels are made of aluminum alloy that is they are based on aluminum, which is added many other elements of periodic table, including metals. Various additives make it possible to alloy, respectively, and drive the desired properties and quality. Discs of magnesium alloys – a rarity. History of Magnesium production of CDs has, at least 26 years (Alfa 1989 release is equipped with such features). So far, however magnesium wheels are exotic. Appropriateness of the use of magnesium alloys (usually magnesium with aluminum and manganese and zirconium additives) is determined by a significant reduction in weight of the disc and, consequently, decreasing the mass of unsprung mass of the car. One disc medium-sized magnesium alloy may weighing 3 – 3.5 kg less than that of cast aluminum.

For example: A disk made of magnesium alloy with a diameter of 15 inches, weighs 4 – 4.5 kg. The main drawback of these alloys is their low resistance to corrosion, which determines the very high standards to protect the disc surface using special paints and varnishes. The so-called titanium disks or 'Titans', according to some leading experts – a myth. Manufacturing of titanium disks Alloy – just time-consuming and multistep process, which makes them very expensive. Theoretically, in terms of operation, these discs have virtually no drawbacks. They have high strength and plastic properties combined with high corrosion resistance. However, because of the high density of mass of a given thickness of metal alloy with titanium disks get even less than that of steel.

The Liar

How much to the liar, its ego also is defended by means of estrias and fancies that calm its soul or torment its existence so that the lie is kept and believed as truth. The liar is anxious yes for being it a person who tries to preserve itself of a suffering, if defends of a danger without real weight. Segal (1993, P. 36) on the fancies says that they ' ' (…) they are on defenses. The proper fact of fantasiar, is a defense against realities dolorosas' '. In this manner the liar understands a situation as dangerous, that threat its ego, and to defend fancy the reality and transmits this fancy with truth tone, if questioned the lie does not pass for truth and the liar reached its objective: if to defend of a danger. Its anxiety does not stop for there, now the liar has that to program other lies to keep the previous one.

The defense now is of the suffering that he himself produced when it propagated the first lie. This goes to become a snow ball that only grows in volume when it absorbs another snowflake that is its front. The lie is a so serious subject that until it receives attention special and until classification when is changedded into illness (the compulsion for lying). They exist at least two illnesses of the lie that are: the pseudolalia and the mythomania. The pseudolalia vitiates is it compulsory to lie to the point of the sick person to lie for lying without perceiving that what is saying is a lie, many times he himself if convinces the lies that it is expressing as truths and not as lies. This illness can take the pseudollico to lose the tunning with the reality, therefore its lies if become absolute truths in its conscience. Mythomania also is illness where sick person has compulsion in to lie on subjects in specific, what she does not mean that the mitomanaco cannot expand the subjects of its lies, it will expand will be convenient.