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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Orson Wells

Everything is calm, hypnosis in general. Nothing happens. Not even a calma chicha. The markets are healthy, the number of poor people in the world is the normal system not shudders, mutations, they do not occur there is the war that there should be, people do not die more than in normal mortal, if that is what ultimately matters for what the law and the respect for life. I speak of human reality in general, world say, and no particularities or nationalities which, as you know, have their own household, if political peculiarities more apocalyptic.

Let me explain with an emblematic example: an opposition as the Venezuelan not ever share my words to describe their State of mood and current situation, i.e., never will tell that there is calm, that the world does not pass, Etc. etc.; on the contrary, for her in the country an Apocalypse, live as his old world of privileges they are going to the ground and its system of values starts to estrellar you also. I speak of the human situation in general, of man as a species, got in a vital game without output, put thinking as taught, manipulated greatly by those who become owners of the means of truth (was not forced to express it as well). Of course, given that the world most is becoming global village and information or the facts are just around the corner, it is increasingly difficult to deceive the man with incomprobables versions of reality. I will not say that the world is being invaded by UFOs and will create a mess (as did Orson Wells in his time), if each who has the version of the global life to hand by different routes. It is difficult, as I said, but also understand the proportions and the symmetries to evolve in reciprocity: worlds manipulators, as criminals respect police officers, seek you to return to the cat and the fall of the system. .

Europe Experience

To fight aristotelian science Discardings make use of the skepticism, very present a philosophical line in the period of century XVII in the Europe, in which it had a wave of doubts on the beliefs based in the experience. On the other hand, Discardings initially perceived to live a challenging moment, therefore it felt that to get loose themselves of the old knowledge and to acquire new principles it does not conceive it something with much simplicity, thus, to each onslaught and discovery the philosopher carried through its action with caution. Dean Ornish M.D may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In first place, Discardings invoke the common experience of the deceit of the directions in simple way and perceive that in this circumstance would be very distant of its field of performance, it was in search to analyze the things of the nature under the general and macrocospic aspects. in this in case that it would be a problem to demystify the deceits by means of the doubt of the things next than would be to its redor, for example, as could deny that it is not seated now in this next chair and to this fireplace heats that it? The philosopher understands that only the insensatos would defend this experience. Analyzing with more prudence, Discardings find a common and daily possibility in the human being that the experience for the directions takes it it the deceit, of the dream.

As Scribano (2007) Discardings perceives that in the dreams in itself it presents something vivacious in our thought, thus it becomes impossible to distinguish the moment to be sleeping or waked up. In general lines the philosopher explains that no experience has conditions to certify something is of our thought. Our judgments define that the things are of our mind, are the tried beings. On the other hand, it stops to understand something our mind searchs object similarities (representations) gotten by means of our previous perceptions of this object.