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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Public Power

Not he is toa that Brazil faces a series of crises in the health sectors and justice. The biggest problem in the health system is in the difficulty of access to the doctors. In the same way the biggest problem in the justice system is in the difficulty of access to the lawyers and this if it applies to other segments. If a deepened study occurred more and serious the Public Power would be forced to immediately create institutions directed toward the formation of professionals in the education area, health, justice and civil construction, without disrespecting is clearly other types of superior formation, so that Brazil is considered in fact a developed Country. The Public Power cannot be hostage of this type of intervention or pressure, rank that is necessary to establish a balance enters offers and looks for. If the public service does not have conditions to take care of to all the demands is necessary to flexibilizar and to democratize the access through the support to the initiatives of the society. One of the great problems of Superior education in Brazil is in the access. Many institutions exist, however the search surpass in surplus offer existing.

Despite if it says that universities exist excessively, still it is little, in agreement already was said only 3% of the population has access. Brazil if to desire an approach of the percentages reached for Argentina will have to create a superior school in each esquina. The increase of offers generates competition and the competition in turn generates quality and low cost, without speaking in the empregabilidade of the sector. This politics would alavancaria and fortify the sector, therefore only the institutions that to offer the best proposals of education would be apt to survive in a healthful market and competititvo in search of the knowledge. Another great empecilho to hinder the access to superior education is characterized by the bureaucracy excess, established for the agencies that regulate and fiscalize the sector.

Health Benefits of Some Foods

We have the climatic change until in the soup. But the consumption of meat and the way in which we fed the 6,400 million human beings who we inhabited the planet affects to the air which we breathed, besides knowing a clearly social impact. As the man is done of the nature surrounds that it, it interacts with her, it uses as her to feed itself and comprises of that nature of active way, we will tie the social thing to the environmental thing. A group of scientists and experts managed the past year to sensitize to million people on the destruction of the planet by a model of consumption based on hydrocarbons. But the improvement in the nutritional habits, is pending. One of those improvements consists of consuming less meat. In almost half century, the human consumption of meat in the world has been quadrupled. The individual consumption of meat has been duplicated in that same period of time, with the forecast for 2050 of which that consumption becomes to duplicate.

Although the world-wide consumption of meat is not equitable, the averages are over which the Earth can hold. Almost a third of the free land surface of ice of our planet it is dedicated or somehow related to the cattle, generating production of 18% of greenhouse effect gases. Another 13% come from the transport and another 19.4% of industrial activities, according to the Intergovernmental Panel for the Climatic Change of the United Nations. The cattle ranch uses a third of world-wide the agricultural land to produce animal food, a process related to the deforestation of tropical forests, mainly in Latin America, where the cattle operation has grown in a 4% in the last years, when the world-wide average is below 2%. Brazil and Argentina replace the demand of cereals to feed the cattle of the Asian east that, due to the small territorial extension and to the cultivable earth shortage, they must concern them.

The Queue

Since the queue is not surprising as no it turned out, I signed up, and collecting all the documents after three days. First impression – it is fear. Because all were told that the embassy rather severely, saying that if something goes wrong and all will not go, yet stigma can put in your passport that is no longer trying to break through somewhere. I entered. Hall, nothing special. It is worth some small stands.

Said lower passport. When light up some light greens – to pass. Lowered, and it red! No, you just imagine how the news of tourism. Red – my passport is not valid. I'm all pale and uncle guard, is already causing others. Come. Began to understand, to see what where it is written.

Flipped through records, I was nearly brought to faint, and it turns out that the records they have on my old passport, which I had to replace due to loss of the previous one. They sighed and conceded. Continue climbing to a few I have flown again came across a 'brother. He said to remove all the iron and go through a metal detector that is shorter than me, enveloped negative radiation weapons not found, kolesche-cutting items, too, so missed. Here began most interesting. I conducted the interview. A woman started to figure out my name, my age, and, among other things, it is not polite, then asked where I live, where learned about the possibility of a trip, and then asked capital of France! No, just think what this question. Just do not make fun – I forgot honestly forgot that Paris – the capital of France as a travel guide. May be alarmed, that may yet but I forgot. Woman glanced at me and put the stamp, rather just pick up a passport, saying that everything will be fine tomorrow to pick up a passport with a visa. Lifted fingerprints and sent home. That's strange, coming from the room, remembered the capital instantaneously. No, it's too much! I do not like the embassy. But the trip turned out not bad


It implies that the town took the name of the river and the river and the valley was called Piura …. Cristobal de Mena in his "Chronicle of Peru" (1534) to a town called Piura ("In a town called Fray Martin de Piura "…) Morua in its" List of San Miguel de Piura "says , "This town is a valley called Piura, which is its own name has no meaning." Paz Soldan in "Statistical and geographical dictionary of Peru" is derived from the Aymara Piura. Yet it is clear that significant Piura has been postponed, and it is necessary to rescue some lines that lead us to recognize its origin. As part of our pre-Hispanic language draft of the department of Piura assuming the task of investigating the linguistic landscape and mountain carving yunga Guayacondo. Huancapampa diachronic way. Some researches coastal territory was toponymic led us to advocate the following approach regarding the possible origin of the word Piura department yunga The area was marked for the existence of language called "Sec". Today we know that there were three languages. Catacaos, Colan and Sechura.

The two are closely related and are grouped under the name of Tallan and Sechura has its own personality, but for its proximity to the other has some words in common. The name seems most appropriate section and corresponds to the language Sechura. The analysis allowed us to place name register a place name-ura segment that despite being small denotes that had a strong presence in the Upper, Middle and Lower Piura This segment is given by the place names – Piura – river, valley, town (Middle Piura) – Sechura – Pueblo, bay – (Sechura) – Nunura – beach populated – (Sechura) – Pisura beach town – (Sechura) – Casur – Spot "? – Lalura – Spot "? – Rurap – Spot '? – Congora – Pampa located in the old road from Paita Piura, and that in times of El Nino is a huge gap – Mancur – Pueblo, Caleta, Playa (1940 Paita, Talara Today) In Ecuador we find the toponym Chaltura, Hill and the population in San Antonio de Ibarra.

Glamour Time

At that time, believe-it dries to the cigarette possua beneficial properties to the health, being also receitadopelos proper doctors for some patients. Moreover, the proper domdico image inhaled to be able, glamour, everything what it was necessary for apublicidade of the product. The text advertising executive said: ' ' You know, if to follow a doctor while elefaz its daily atendimentos the patients, you goes to have one day sufficient corridoo following. A recess time, for many men of the medicine, normalmentesignifica the sufficient to only appreciate a cigarette. because they conhecemo pleasure that exists in smoking a good cigarette, with worn out tobacco, socriteriosos them in relation to the choice of the mark that they prefer.

In pesquisarepetida nationwide, medical of all specialties, doctors detodas the parts of the country had been asked: ' ' Doctor, which mark of cigarrovoc smokes? ' '. One more time, the mentioned mark more was Camel. Yes, deacordo with one searches repeated nationwide, medical smokes maiscigarros Camel of what any another cigarette. Why not to change for Camelpelos next 30 days, and to notice the difference that this will make in the way as vocaprecia to smoke? It sees as the Camel cigarettes combine with its throat. Vejacomo a cigarette with worn out tobacco can be gostoso! ' ' Glamour inhaled by Hollywood lasted during many years. Great astrose stars contracenavam, showing gorgeous piteiras and spotless appearances. The habit to smoke age wide associated the beautiful women, viris men, all elegant ones, arranged well. An example of this can be perceived napropaganda of the Free cigarette, that showed young using white t-shirts and calasjeans (a fever, at the time) or Marlboro, with its cowboy absolutamentemsculo. With passing of the time, following the evolutivas changes in the social scene, apublicidade are if perfecting, in intention to be in perfect tunning comos desires of the consumer.

Western Europe

Russians temporarily cooled the countries of Western Europe, but rapidly growing interest in the home and the southern tourist attractions. The number of search requests for cheap flights to Paris and Barcelona because of the chaos, caused by the ash cloud from Iceland has essentially decreased. These cities, where many Russians liked to conduct the May holidays, the popularity rating dropped Skyscanner to 7 lines. Slightly less affected, Prague downgrade "All" to 4 positions down. Berlin, Rome, London and Milan does have disappeared from dozens of the most popular searches of site users.

The only European city that could improve the situation in the top 10, was Amsterdam. However, it seems that this is the exception that proves the general rule: in this May, the Russian tourists in Europe will be smaller than usual. Maintain its position in the list could only sultry Tel Aviv: Israel's capital is still holds an honorary fourth row. Another favorite Russians southbound – Istanbul – debuted in the rankings after a volcanic eruption, and immediately was able to press Prague and Paris. Refused to travel overseas tourists (and their many!) decided to focus on domestic tourist attractions. Significantly increased the flow of cheap flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi.

North and South of the Russian capital first appeared in the ranking most popular searches only after the problems began in air travel across Europe. Barry Smith, co-founder and director of market development Skyscanner, commented: "Many people are scared of long delays flight and additional costs that are due to the eruption of the volcano have to carry tourists. Perhaps they are now looking for safer places, where you can spend holidays in May. People believe that if re-eruption arrange its return in the country will be easier than because of its limits. " Top 10 most popular destinations in May: after the eruption 1. Moscow (6) 2. Amsterdam (4) 3. St. Petersburg (new) 4. Tel Aviv (0) 5. Kiev (new) 6. Istanbul (new) 7. Prague (-4) 8. Paris (-7) 9. Barcelona (-7) 10. Adler / Sochi (new) Top 10 most popular destinations in May: up to a volcanic eruption. Paris 2. Barcelona 3. Prague 4. Tel Aviv 5. Rome 6. Amsterdam 7. Moscow 8. Milan 9. Berlin 10. London