Some traditions provide a total of 37 forms as elements of composition of the routine of 108 movements known as Lao Jia.
The origin of Taijiquan of the family by Dong Yuan Qiao Song
“On one occasion, a famous poet, Li Bai, went to visit him (to Xu Ping An) but could not find it, so I left a poem on the Bridge of the Taiji Gong Xian wrote in An Ping Xu The poem is call “37” because 37 related forms. It is also called “Boxing Largo” with its long and continuous movements. the time has come to off my abs Its formal name is “Taijiquan of 37 forms.” The names of the forms are as follows:
Four in Four Straight and Diagonal (eight addresses), Manos as clouds, Bending the Arc to shoot at the Wild Goose, Hold the Pi Pa, Forward, and Move Forward, Boji (Cup), El Fenix displays the Wings, El Gorrion raises her tail, simple Latigo, Lifting Hands Up, Step back and refuse to Mono, Brush knee and take a step, Puno low Elbow, Turn and Kick, Forward and Punch down, Flight in Diagonal, Double Latigo, Turn off and divert, La Linda Senorita works with the shuttle, Seven Stars and Eight Steps to slap high horse, Kick Loto simple, riding the tiger, Jiu Gong (nine positions), Take Cola’s Gorrion, Push Montana from behind, under the Ocean Pearl, Steel finger, Rotate the Body, Double kick from Lotus, El Gallo Dorado is held on one leg, Mount Tai Chi increases, caressing the Crin Wild Horse, as if it were closed and sealed, Kicks tip to the left and abs the right, and Hang Kick, Push and deploy, with double jump kick, and Carry the Tiger to return to the mountain.
There are a total of 43 forms, excluding the eight directions.
Qiao Song Yue Jiu Gong invention, Seven Stars and Eight Steps, Kick Loto simple and a double, while the other thirty-seven forms is the teaching of their master.
When you learn, practice a form each time, then passed to another.
The thirty-seven are practiced in any order while practicing the right way.
When the energy is continuous, we practice how long.