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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Quality Care

Prenative It is believed that care is one of effective strategies in reducing maternal mortality rates. Objective: you evaluate the nursing care in the antenatal high-risk pregnant women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Methods: the study was conducted from literature review, focusing on the qualitative approach, the pursuit of material occurred through the databases BVS; LILACS and SciELO. Result: the disturbances of gestational hypertension has been the major pregnancy complications, which lead you high rates of fetal morbidity and maternal mortality, accounting will be around maternal 25% of deaths. Conclusion: the quality of health care provided you women in to their pregnancy-puerperium period will depend on comprehensive care and education performed by health professionals, having need of the professional nurse acting in the prenative care, be able you provide adequate assistance you women affected by hypertensive disease in pregnancy, thereby focusing on prevention, promotion and rehabilitation of health of pregnant women in to their pregnancy cycle. Keywords: hypertension, pregnancy, eclampsia, daily pay-eclampsia and risk, preChristmas care. Introduction the pregnancy is a period of deep changes in the feminine body, involving all the systems, that if they physiological modify to the new condition, that has its beginning in the first week and if it draws out until the end of the pregnancy.

Although the gestation is a biological event, for some women it represents a situation of high risk that threat its health (3,7). The gestation is defined as a natural process, that occurs for the most part of the cases without intercorrncias. Although this fact, exists a small parcel of the gestantes that, for having specific characteristics or suffering some I aggravate, they present greaters probabilities of favorable gestacional evolution, as much for the embryo how much for the mother. This parcel constitutes the group called ' ' gestantes of high risco' ' (6). Studies disclose that 10 20% of the responsible pregnant can be considered of high risk and for 50% of fetal mortality in anteparto, the gestations of high risk can compromise concepto, development and the growth in the direction to all influence the gestacional process lived deeply by the woman (8).

Domain Names

There are plenty of available domain names. By choosing and registering your domain name is important to keep in mind: the power of personal branding, the enduring power and resale value, just to name a few. You also have to consider that you are buying a domain name, which means that you will pay for it, so you must be happy with the name you choose. Do not make decisions in haste. Take your time and study your niche and individual key words that can make up your new domain name. Create a list of possible domain names.

Note that you may have to get creative, as there are many names that are already caught. To begin, add a few options for domain names that you like. The interesting thing about domain names is that if the. Com already in use, there are other extensions available. You can decide to choose one. Net,. Org,. Us or any of the other existing extensions.

This will make the decision much easier as there are more available domain names with other extensions. To the buy your domain name or domain names, you should consider the fact that you will develop a brand around these domain names. When buying a domain name, consider its longevity and staying power. This names you will work in 5-10 years? There are plenty of websites where you can register domain names. It may be your greatest interest to choose a cheaper site to register your domain name or website that you know are reputable. Remember, you do not want this website to disappear tomorrow and you run out of pages and no name. Some of the places that I recommend you to register your domain name is 3ix, and my favorite GOGVO Omnis. Hear other arguments on the topic with Professor Roy Taylor. These places have very good reputation, excellent customer support, an extensive customer base and many years of experience. If your interest is to stay with the domain name for a long time, you can choose to renew your domain name automatically or buy your name for several years in advance because some web sites offer discounts if you buy it this way. If you intend to sell your domain name in the future, consider the resale value of the name. A domain name is probably more simple resale value of a name that is very creative. Remember that when you purchase a domain name, you're buying a Marcao yTe imagine if someone wants your domain name to start a brand? .

Hot Rod

Until very recently, considered tuner or make tuning "the car was the worst thing that could confess to your mother. Tuning like it was like to be a garrulous, with little regard for the other drivers, wanting to make war and to be noticed. Little by little, all that remains of truth is the latter. The tuners are a group that is being noticed, consuming everything that comes out that has some relation with the cars ready, and quickly learned that not everything is as it exists here, not the outside has to be by the best noses. But this tuning is not new … The Hot Rod, the Kustom, or how it started in America The Hot Rod and Kustom began as a way in which young Americans are preparing their cars felt unique and distinct from the rest, as they dreamed in submission to the major sprints .

Bombardearos We will not historical facts, biographies, or dates, but if you give a couple of facts. Do you remember the car from the movie Back to the Future? And to Kitt the Knight Rider? These two, like so many other cars the movie, were created by George Barris, the King of Kustomizers considered (King of the bike builders), which in the 40s came into the scene by restoring an old Buick. A life-and media-lived turbulent Ed Roth, known as the godfather of Hot Rod, Car coach with an incredible talent and an inexhaustible imagination, which perhaps a grotesque rat reconozcais green again now seen on T-shirts and notebooks.

Ten Commandments

From all that He is, I take 74%, this is the main active male energy. The remaining 26% is the second principal energy, passive female. The sentiment that unites the Father with his children, is the leading third-neutral energy, which allows the birth, rebirth, flourish and grow in all the many manifestations of that which is called Jheovha. For even more analysis, hear from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. This is divine trinity, the holy and sacred covenant between God and his children. In this sense, eternal and unconditionally from father to his children call him DAMORNITO.

The Bible says that Eve was born from a rib of Adam. In MOISES this wisdom illuminated the darkness of his time. We went out of barbarism and must MOISES was painted in our hearts like god of anyone who did not comply the Ten Commandments. " He tried to bring order to that time evolution of our spiritual ascent. Centuries later, Jesus tells of a loving father who always takes care of their children. If you do not realize it is because you need to awaken the divine power that sleeps within you. Of the three major powers, it was necessary to create other four, in order to begin the material universe that is our cosmic home, these seven energies were born in the womb of eternity, as time and space, all the necessities of life divine play of creation. Our mission is to remember our divine legacy to rise above the flesh. Beyond illusion of the worlds of the myriad forms, is the true kingdom of our divine essence.

Office Automation

Courses in Office Automation for adults (occupational training, Forcem, training for entrepreneurs,) follows a model based on the equation: Office Automation = Microsoft Office. This model represents a series of inconveniences: educational, economic, and ethical. Is there another way of doing things? In my work as an instructor in Office I had the occurrence to an informal survey to the students of my last course of occupational training. The result of it was that my 16 students had at home on a PC equipped with Microsoft Office, but only 1 had legally acquired the license of use of the program. In that same course I found that there were only 11 computers for 16 students. (Not to be confused with Dean Ornish M.D!). When I exhibited this problem, the Coordinator of the course told me that the problem was not the lack of computers or space, as I assumed, but that the institution did not have sufficient licenses of Microsoft Office. There seems to be something that doesn’t work too well in this area.

These problems, both illegal copying, and lack of software resources, can be very easily solved, training office automation through the use of software programs, in general, and in particular. Other authors have very adequately outlined the advantages of using free software in education, but these studies have generally been within the scope of the formal training 1. Here we will try to measure quantitatively and qualitatively the disadvantages to which we referred in the context of office automation training for adults, as well as show the advantages of the alternative being proposed. Disadvantages of the current model to) wrong teaching approach with the current model we are giving priority to the training of specialists in a particular tool for a particular manufacturer, dedicating ourselves to explain details on use of the Word, when we should specify generic concepts of a word processor, subsequently showing how implements them one or another program.

Blockages In The Body

“There is one of the first TCM hotels Bernkastel-Kues (k-w) in Bernkastel-Kues – who already even not further how to got to do with knows that feeling, the vernacular a pair of scissors in the head” rewrites. This can be cause for many complaints and even diseases. In the vital & Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten a team of Heilprkatikern and doctors as the guest of the German wellness hotels. many people have one of the first of its genre are treated not a disease, but on the way there”, says Mrs Grubisic (Naturopath and TCM professional therapist), which enters the team with other TCM specialists the disease causes of the TCM patients on the ground. The acceptance shows the 3000-year-old healing art that German health insurance companies support the practice in the hotel to the elector, in professional circles. Heiner Buckermann is not surprising with this success. For prevention, the hotelier emphasizes is always better than cure. He has his 4-star to the TCM Hotel converted, one of the first in Germany at all.

The 900-square-metre Q-vital experience in its health centre Guests a new kind of health care. In addition to the steam bath and sanarium, a special Chinese herbal sauna has been integrated. In the outdoor Grotto there are whirlpool tubs, showers and Kneipp basin. The special feature is certainly the Panoramaschimmbad with views in the Hunsruck. Acupuncture, Qi Gong or Tai Chi used in Bernkastel-Kues under medical control, to open the energy channels of the body. TCM is a philosophy of life, which has looked to the forces of yin and Yang, representing the contrasts.

To flow freely through the body, to create the life energy qi. From the pulse tongue diagnosis the therapist reading a lot about the State of health of his patients, which can regulate himself much about his diet. Therefore the elector team not only food offers after the five-elements cuisine, but even cooking classes, so stop the success of treatment at home. Usually a tuina massage helps against headache, neck or shoulder pain. But often the patient comes first, if a Is disease in the advanced stage. Then, the life energy, which he perhaps too lavishly is dealt with, must be rebuilt.

The Degree

With respect to the aging of the skin, it is possible to emphasize that the majority of the signs classically associated with the age, recently has been associated more to a lack of taken care of of the skin that to the age in itself. During the clinical valuation of the skin of a patient, through physical examination, following the degree of hydration, turgencia, elasticity, pigmentation, presence of wrinkles, etc., we collect data of great semiolgico value, which allow us to clearly differentiate a taken care of skin, of a mistreated skin, as well as the presence of own signs of the aging. The skin of our body generally is exposed multiple aggressions that can produce their premature aging, but the face, the neck, the decollete and the hands are the zones that are more affected because they are unprotected, habitually throughout all the year. The indiscriminate exhibition to the sun, without an suitable protection, is one of the circumstances that accelerate the aging process more. But there are other factors that contribute with the premature deterioration of the skin, as it is the case of the consumption of cigarettes and the exhibition to the environmental contamination. These two, along with excessive exposure to the sun, originates the formation of the free radicals in this way and alterations in the DNA of the cells, producing wrinkles, dehydration, flaccidity and spots. The free radicals affect fibers of colgeno and elastic fibers diminishing them amount and quality, that entails to the formation of wrinkles and the famous cracks that we denominated furrows. These wrinkles and furrows are deepened in the zones of greater gesticulation (lines of hiper-expression) and although they are consequence of the natural emotional expression of the individual, they are marking the track of the most frequent and more intense emotions in the face, giving him that married, out of position and untidy aspect. The Cleveland Clinic will undoubtedly add to your understanding.


It is essential to lead a full life, deal with what we know as weaknesses or weak points in our character. Face jealousy already are our or the couple, is paramount to address that point, not only to make the relationship continue, but to not affect our personal development. Jealousy is an exaggerated desire to possess a uniquely to your beloved, children or friends, and it is something that is not stopped, will increase until you return in obsession and if not treated in time, will very probably terribly damage a relationship. By the same author: The Cleveland Clinic. There may be many reasons why develops become jealous: have a pattern of behavior of the father or mother, who in childhood experienced physical and emotional comparison between brothers or having lived an infidelity. These situations created in your personality that mistrust, insecurity and low self-esteem. When these become unhealthy or pathological jealousy, they cause physical and psychological violence in involved, these are present when it comes to pursue or even to the other monitor.

It is totally false to locate jealousy as a manifestation of the intense love that is. This is something that you should not be tolerated and much less considered something normal, because eventually becomes delirium, disrupts and distorts the sense of reality, finally is destructive. It is very difficult to live with a jealous person, but if thou who is manifesting them, don’t stop to change it and get something for you at this very moment, it recognizes that she is you who suffers most from this situation. Dealing with jealousy requires help, you can not follow suspicious, nor continue with that insecurity that makes you compare with others feeling threatened and lower. The person that celas is entitled to feel their individual freedom, loving someone is voluntary, you can not hold anyone with blackmail or feeling victim, to become a perpetrator. Avoids thoughts of infidelity and replace them by those who give you safety and confidence. Learn to trust each other, it distinguishes between the facts created by your imagination and the real. Lets call him by phone and interrogate him in where or with whom he is, devote yourself to an activity that you like.

Don’t justify your jealousy by past events. Looking for a method of self help or therapy (therapy online), we have already written about the benefits that give you. Jealousy are nothing more than fear, it retrieves your self-esteem, since in the face of jealousy you are taking a big step towards your freedom, accounts with the strength and security to overcome them, enjoying a full relationship with freedom and confidence.