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Dating Tips

Our rough world is simply a reflection of the subtle world. And everything that happens happens to us in everyday life, initially formed in a thin world. And that something has changed in our physical life, we must first make it in a thin world. In this world we find ourselves not only as something to remember or dream, fantasize. At these moments, we generally can not see that happening in reality, since we are entering a world of dreams.

Why, when we see in a dream any person, we do not see his physical body and his soul. When you dream, or remember someone, and then before you, in your imagination there is clearly an image of this man, so you can see his soul. And, the more lively and clearer you see it, the more clearly it is you. It may, as in a dream to do something, talk, react. And it means that you really see the soul, rather than play it with photographs. Image with photos still, he can not speak, to respond.

The soul can do it all, and although it can do all this, it may appear to you in a bizarre way. Now, when you call a man's soul, you can start to talk, to converse with her, influence it, and it would be tantamount to impact on the individual. Therefore beware, do not be angry, do not scold a man's soul, if it is not your enemy that you want to intimidate and destroy.


Poets have long been combined in various clubs and associations for In order to be able to meet, read and discuss their works, to publish collections. Here is the prototype of poetry site! And by the way, the results of competition at the major poetic lyrics sites published collections. Educating young poets – one more feature that served as the Poetry Society. Novice writers, with trembling heed to the words recognized masters and with a sinking heart, waiting to severe sentence his first opuses – this picture is still relevant today. Go to Preventive Medicine Research Institute for more information. In contests of poetry most actively involved in the first place young poets.

This is natural and understandable – especially beginners need not only and not so much recognition the reader how much attention to fellow writers. Participation in a poetic contest gives the author an opportunity to assess your skill level, pay attention to the weaknesses or, conversely, was pleased to note the strengths their creations find their own style. Here we can make the first conclusion: the poems in poetry contest is like a collection of online poets reading their poems to each other. Ability to turn the similarity in the complete identity – a matter of time which is not far off! And what about the reader? Does not it just restless silhouette is seen through the windows cozy living room where there were talk about poetry, read poems, or just relax on the secret society of poetic words. So it was. Credit: Dean Ornish M.D-2011. Now the reader is invisibly present in the room and even take part in the discussion.

The second conclusion: the competition of poetry is like reading poetry on stage before a huge audience without all the costs related to such performance in the real world. And finally, one more thing – thanks to the fact that the publication of poetry today does not pose any problems, the number involved in the high art of poetry is growing exponentially progression. Suppose that not all writing poems reach the level of master of word, but in any case, trying to be a feather in one degree or another versed in the art of versification, and this means that the circle will expand on and Poetry finally ceases to be art for art's sake. And when you consider that in his youth all (well, almost all) are trying to write poetry … Whatever it was, the Internet increases the likelihood of meeting the poet and reader, and each poet's own reader, or doubt, so vividly and accurately described PA Vyazemsky: But maybe I was born not in vain: In a family of people, not all, maybe I'm strange, and even one soul had responded according to departing on the minute my voice.

Roberto Carlos Life

Placidly you can find its axle? its north? hearing: When I want to speak with God? of Roberto Carlos or, If I to want to speak with God of Gilbert Gil. He is as soon as happens in the head of who has a meeting marked with the victory? he feels cheiros of rosemary, cinnamon and basil? he feels all in entardecer one I smell involving of wood flower dgua to perfume all surrounding. Its olfato step so that the life is marked by coffee aroma having been ' ' passado' ' ; vegetable soup with onion cream, muqueca of golden? tempered with sufficiently coentro onion and chili, made with love. It half feels thus, without nor pra what!? I after smell of woman leaving the bath fresquinha a bath repairman smelling of sabonete Phebo. It feels, invariably, the mouth if to full of water to if remembering a liquor bonbon taste to flood its being. The fight goes in hope of that its life has the taste of mature fruit of conde in the foot. It travels in the dreams watered to the taste of well generated green wine. It works folded? without expectations of immediate extra profits, because it knows that the great victories are only possible throughout the great passages and it is not imediatista? therefore in the wait, if of the o pleasure to feel the taste of muqueca of lobster in sunny beach side, always degustada in good company.

It tempers its energies? exactly in the work with vises of its walked route to the victory with the flavor of the kisses of loved well? why it has ambrosia milk candy taste? flavor of honey of laranjeira flower. Who search to the victory? it is always to the side of the beach feeling the sea breeze acariciando its face, as it was the well loved hand of the present one at every moment. It feels that to each moment of the life he is always involved in satin or white hemp sheets that cover its bed where the body of the daring warrior rests. University of Iowa College of Medicine addresses the importance of the matter here. Where the reenergizao of its projects occurs. In the day to day heat, it feels to flow its blood for veins and arteries? pumped for the heart that beats strong? marking in ritmado way its march route the victory. Who search the victory has the awaken directions for life? has the involved mind with dreams? with projects and concrete e, fully realizable objectives, also, with certezas that will only become possible? if the beliefs will be fed with information daily proven and serious and perseverante work. The victory can be heard, can be smelled, can be felt? before exactly of being reached? because, if thus it will not be? when it, finally, will be reached? nothing of this she will have any direction, simply, why was not trained spiritual, that is, even so exists in the physical world does not exist in the world spiritual, therefore? she has not meant practical. Finally, she does not think that victory, any victory consists of high banking balances or accumulation of patrimony, learns before arriving at a victory to differentiate? myths of reality, facts of fallacy. Victory, has not to see with freedom of spirit and acquisition of conscience of a full life of peace, harmony and happiness? why this is victory, possible all and the any human being. Apolinario de Araujo Albuquerque River, 17 July 2011.

Final Sector

The final mission is to do everything what they make the competition but better than. The guerrillas spy on to their competitors, their sector, and especially they will have to be spied on to they themselves. The search of the objectivity will be an important ally, and although sometimes a painful work can be – especially when we occur account of our errors will allow us to learn of them and to realise the adjustments necessary to improve our company. The information is fundamental for the development of any company. To collect interest data on your sector, your competition, either new opportunities of business can be the more easy and economic than it seems.

Reference becomes, of which although our competitors not us they still know, we we would have to know them them. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Professor Roy Taylor by clicking through. A forced weapon of the guerrilla equipment of consists of having a clear drawing of the reality, understanding this reality as the difference between the way as we lead the business how it does competition. The final mission is to do everything what they make the competition but better than. The guerrillas spy on to their competitors, his sector, and especially will have to be spied on to they themselves. The search of the objectivity will be an important ally, and although sometimes a painful work can be – especially when we occur account of our errors will allow us to learn of them and to realise the adjustments necessary to improve our company.

The information is fundamental for the development of any company. To collect interest data on your sector, your competition, either new opportunities of business can be the more easy and economic than it seems. Very interesting the contribution that is indicated to us, on, the differences between the guerrilla marketing and traditional the first difference that we appreciated between both techniques is the difference as far as investment.

Lego Entertainment

Maybe there is no one, who in early childhood has not dreamed of the most beautiful toys – prefabricated constructors. Extraordinary and diverse teams of designers are a dream for most kids around the world. And often, including mothers and fathers with enthusiasm can take part in games, that is, in a difficult work to build children’s designer. Different designers today are designed for kids at the age of one year or more. Color and large items can help to improve the mobility of small limb movements of confidence, the perception of colors. And of course the same can create, build something quite unusual, not existed previously. World major leader in the manufacture of such teams of designers is lego. This name is familiar to every child.

An ideal gift for every holiday and for Baby, who barely learned how to walk upright, and for preschoolers, and even for school – a new Lego set. Baby may be the most interesting designers of prefabricated lego, in which case there objects – toy figures of people and animals. In such a simple role-playing games with pleasure will be played by children from one year to five or six years. But, with five or six years, in fact many kids are choosing much more multifaceted sets, such as bridges. And for students at the school offers a lego and do a huge range of different teams of designers. This, above all, designers who have contact with actors favorite cartoons fiction stories. Say, lego bionicle always enjoyed huge demand and teenagers have overcome the age limit at sixteen. Since the data sets, the power to attend to a couple of thousands of components of which actually collect a real castle, the guard, which he defends and attacks, and much more.

Moreover, for older teens are very interesting designers of lego, which are based on the stories of interstellar war. Assembled Designers lego star wars will be to the liking of the children and their parents as it puts interplanetary cruisers to quickly and easily fail: have to speculate. All the main actors in the story of interstellar purchased embodied in the modular designers lego. And for future architects particularly attractive is a series of teams of designers lego castle. Medieval palaces, soldiers who are defending castles from the attackers, chariots and catapult – a huge space for an exceptionally versatile role-playing games. Assembled Lego – it’s not just a pastime. This kind of game is not just a wit and a fine mobility, but still and a strong interest in the old times, honor and confidence.

Bruchsal Authors

Finally, it is because the two authors write the new book of the authors duo Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund about the human subconscious, which is inherent in an incredible force and give not only many valuable information and suggestions, but also concrete and practical tips, like anyone with quite simple means even can use this power potential. In this book, no empty promises are made to the reader. Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund it always again point out that you should remain despite the enormous power of the unconscious on the floor of the facts: not everyone can achieve anything in life and not everyone can be healthy. But everyone can win a new attitude to life which allows to live much easier and happier. “Book Description: in the light of healing”: A fascinating book that shows us the way to an inexhaustible source of healing and power: to our subconscious. The two authors describe clearly and easy to understand how to use the power of his spirit, to perform true miracles. This is not mere Utopia, but even experienced experience.”* the source of power is in us. * This is exactly what the two authors want to convey to the reader.

The key to health and happiness is hidden in ourselves we must learn again to take advantage of our inner potential. Even if you can perform true miracles with the power of the spirit, no empty promises or illusions are made the reader, but he learns what it means to get the most out of himself and his life in the framework of its possibilities. Some practical exercises show at the end of this book, as you can simply use his inner potential.” Press contact: Jutta Schutz In the midfield 76698 Bruchsal Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland and lives today with her family in Bruchsal.

Eye Diseases Eye Problems

Which eye diseases, eye problems and eye problems there now, you should know, and which one should take in eight? Eye care to prevent eye diseases, to prevent eye discomfort and eye problems, requires regular eye care. Follow others, such as Dean Ornish M.D, and add to your knowledge base. Usually, eye drops for eye care are the drug of choice because otherwise eye moisturising or antibacterial effect. Also eye ointments and eye sprays may be helpful. Sometimes it even helps the eye to treat yourself to a little rest. Which eye diseases, eye problems and eye problems there now, you should know, and which one should take in eight? Common eye diseases, eye problems and eye problems include among other such problems such as dry eye, allergy, eye infections, conjunctivitis (pink eye), corneal ulcers, bleeding of the conjunctiva, styes, Episcleritis, foreign body on cornea and corneal abrasions. Dry eye occurs when the tear ducts aren’t enough Produce tears or the lacrimal fluid drains too quickly. Cardiologist often addresses the matter in his writings. The man is confronted with allergies, when the body’s own immune system haywire and the immune defense against pollen or similar is used.

Eye infections are caused by pathogens that enter the eyes. A conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. Corneal ulcers are often caused by bacteria or fungi, and are possible after traumas or at special disposition in people with eczema, as well as diabetics, alcoholics and contact lens makers. Bleeding of the conjunctiva can be caused by various diseases or eye injuries. A stye (hordeolum, from Hordeum, the botanical name for barley) is an infection of the Lidrandes, more specifically, a usually purulent inflammation of the glands of the eyelids. An Episcleritis is a superficial inflammation of the sclera, the outer solid layer of the eyeball, the dermis. Foreign body of cornea can through all possible caused that flies just around and is small enough to fly in the eye. This debris can then scratch the cornea and cause corneal abrasions.

What are the symptoms of eye diseases, eye problems and eye problems? How can I ever know that there is something wrong with my eyes maybe? Now, there are many warning signs that hard times come to your eyes. Red eyes, itchy eyes or itchy eyes are one of the most common symptoms for eye diseases and other eye problems. Sore eyes are a serious warning sign. Even with light-sensitive eyes you can be concerned. Sometimes, there is also just tired eyes from diseased eyes or other eye problems. It can also happen that we see dancing dots before the eyes. Aching eyes or symptoms longer persistent others you should promptly a doctor eye, otherwise you a worsening of the disease or even blindness would risk at the end. If you then but diligent and conscientious eye care operates, can be seen hopefully always good and untarnished.

Transpersonal Psychology

It proposes a new scientific paradigm, developing to the underlying unit between the man and the universe in a holistic vision. That it is transpersonal psychology? On the matter saying, that is great amount of tests, originating of great variety is had of psychological disciplines or no, that indicate the possibility that we have underestimated to the potential of growth and psychological well-being of the human being. Many human experiences do not agree with our traditional psychological models, and in response to this incongruity Transpersonal Psychology arose, as attempt to integrate the states of brings back to consciousness important or altered. The study of these states altered of brings back to consciousness indicates that a greater human capacity exists surely than the defined one in the main current of the western disciplines that take care of the conduct and the mental health. Don’t mention it they serve or the old approaches as psychology where the mystical experiences, the illumination or ecstasy states were considered neurotic or hallucinatory. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is full of insight into the issues. The Transpersonal model does not try to replace nor to put in judgment fabric the validity of the previous models, but to extend the frame of our conception of the human nature, being integrated as healthful the experiences of brings back to consciousness expanded that until now were considered pathological, taking care of the spiritual necessity of the man. It contributes psicopag to us. galleon.

com on the matter, that Transpersonal Psychology considers that psique is multidimencional. They exist diverse " levels of conciencia" and each has different characteristics and it is in force by different laws. As it maintains Stanislav Grof, " the greater problem of the western psycotherapy seems to be the fact that, for diverse reasons, each investigator has fundamentally determined his attention to a certain level of brings back to consciousness and has generalized his discoveries to the totality of psique human.


Insurance of car for children 25 years are excessively more expensive than for the older than 25, by which 25 minors often vermin or tucos to attempt to include as the holder of the insurance to someone over age. Dean Ornish M.D usually is spot on. Car insurance companies, opt for 25 elders as people more responsible and coherent situation that all children under that age are. Anyway, depending on the company that has contracted the insurance and depending on the characteristics that have contracted, can do or not an exception. Car insurance increasingly have been customized, so that each customer can choose between what you want to spend and what no, above all companies much more facilitating payments to make it consistent for all types of people. Similarly, car insurance are determined depending on the type of car, it costs and above all will be based on the experience of the driver. Finally, we must consider car insurance, must always be equal to the value of the car. Finally, it’s search the best financing for your car insurance and looks for ways to pay for it in such a way that you feel relieved and does not involve an effort for car insurance. You will also have to examine what kind of insurance worth you, all risk, or to third parties. Similarly, you have to take into account is like your car, how many years you have and if it is worthwhile to take out insurance with coverage complete.

Eastern Germany

, Now practically trintaanos later, still he is difficult to find dogs that fill the requirements deum exemplary typical of the race in the questions mannering health and, therefore is common, animal lethargic, fearful, shy whose transmission is genetic. Unhappyly, today, the lines of blood in Brazil are rare that are immune essesproblemas or that controlled or dogs had been brightened up through the crossing seletivode. The majority is ancestries of old Eastern Germany that ficarampreservadas for the physical barrier of the wall of Berlin that they had finished importadasrecentemente being, for our country. 3.A BRAZILIAN DOCTRINE OF JOB OF the DOG FOR the MILITARY POLICY AS SOLUOTTICA IN Military CRITICAL OCCURRENCE Although Policias empregaremces in the police service almost half has century in Brazil; to of it was less umadcada that the police dog passed to be used next to the tactical teams in ocorrnciascrticas in the state of Rio De Janeiro. ' ' After its domesticao, the dog setransformou in a importanteauxiliar of the man in all its works, and in so diverse sectors how much the hunting, nafuno of guard, in the monitoring of flocks, the rescue of lives human beings, is in avalanches, rubbles, nosalvamento in the sea or the rescue of hostages. Ahead of experinciasde job of dogs, mainly in police missions, verify-dries practically does not exist limit so that these animals possamauxiliar the human being, being a true tool, to the essential times, naexecuo of innumerable missions. The dogs can, if treinadospara such, to act in any way, since a policing in praapblica, passing for an operation of course transposition d' guae until operations in height, as scaled and for-quedismo.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.18) How much the police occurrences, oRJ is an uneven state in relation to the remain of the country in result of the altosndices of crime, that causes the increase of the violence, provoked pelapresena of the organized crime that is remunerated by a consuming market dedrogas in expansion; what it foments the traffic international of drugs to paraatender the internal demand and the parallel commerce of firearms. .