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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Scientific Psychology

THE establishment of scientific psychology to say that scientific psychology was the product of philosophical interactions and the physiology of the nervous system, in particular the sensory, still considered Germany as their wedge to open then step by other countries in the world. Wundt, Wilhelm (Germany) and the foundation of scientific psychology the goal of psychology is the study of conscious processes or which Wundt believed part of immediate experience. For Wundt, psychologists do not study the outside world per, studying the psychological processes by which we experience and observe the outside world. Also cannot be separated themselves of their objects of study since they study their own conscious processes. The tool of psychologists is the experimental self-observation or introspection, this being a rigidly controlled process, which is not limited to autorreportes, but it comprises measures objective as well as times of reaction and Association of words. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dean Ornish M.D. Wundt located psychology between the physical sciences and the natural sciences; Similar to those of the physical sciences research and experimental methods to document are used for psychological issues as an inductive, experimental science. The approximation of Wundt is a scientist who uses experimental methods to study that life. Wundt believed that language, myths, aesthetics, religion and social customs are reflections of our higher mental processes; For him these processes may not be manipulated or controlled, so it is not possible to study experimentally, but through historical records and literature and naturalistic observations.

Conceived in addition a third branch of psychology that integrates the empirical findings of this, with other sciences, the scientific metaphysics. Wundt (expressed in the text) aims the establishment of psychology as a foundational science, which integrates the physical and social sciences. Janet, Pierre School of Paris was one of the members of the so-called School of Paris, who followed the footsteps of Ribot and Charcot.


The work on ischemic and hemorrhagic BIRD is of exploratria nature having as qualitative method of boarding, a time that this better allows understanding concerning the complexity of the boarded subjects. They had been searched in the bibliographical quantity of the College San Francisco de Barreiras you vary boarded literatures of the subject that had contributed at great length for the scientific theoretical construction better aiming at agreement of the pathology through its clinical physiology, fisiopatologia, manifestations, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The sites had been used in the development of the work. When objectifying, to understand and to explain the subject searched beyond the bibliographical references that as Lakatos and Marconi (2004) have as purpose to propocionar to the searching direct contact with that were written, said or firmed on determined subject …. Literatures will be used that approach of detailed and objective form the physiology fisiopatologia, diagnosis as well as the treatment and prevention of the BIRD, ischemic and hemorrhagic. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. John Mcdougall for a more varied view.

3. 3,1 REFERNCIAL PHYSIOLOGY OF the AGENCY encfalo are protected by the cranianos bones and coated by meninges that they are continuous with meninges medulares that has the same basic structure, and receives the same names: it lasts-mter external; arachnoid average; the internal sink-mter. It represents 2% of the all up weight of the body of an adult, but it consumes about 20% of the oxygen and the glucose, used in the rest conditions. The neurons synthecize ATP of glucose almost exclusively, for reactions that use oxygen. When the activity of the neurons and the neuroglia increases in a region, the sanguineous flow for one the two minutes, compromises the neuronal functioning and the privation of oxygen for about four minutes cause permanent injury. Since no glucose is stored, suppliment must be continuous (TORTOTA; GRABOWSKI, 2002). The hematoenceflica barrier (BHE), protects the enceflicas cells of harmful substances and patgenos hindering the substance ticket carried by the blood to the fabric enceflico.

Anatomy Lessons

… This first moment was called study of plans. The use of engravings became more usual due to the difficulties of if obtaining original models. The M.D.J.VI keeps a great quantity of these engravings, that however had served to form the cast known in the cultural world of the country. Later, the apprenticees if gave to the studies of parts of the human body immediately afterwards to start the drawing of complete bodies, known as? academies. study if it even completed with drawings of molds in plaster and of greco-roman original copies.

The lessons of Anatomy and Physiology of the Passions, that were essential theoretical and practical lessons for the knowledge of the bones and muscles of the human body, were applied after the pupils soon to have discipline done it of Alive Model and consisted of great weight for the academic formation of the registered ones this session. Being that, of the lessons of Alive Model to pupils, artists and professors assigned for the Academic Body could only participate, with special license of the Director. This disciplines was created in 1831 and was given in the Imperial Academy of Beautiful Arts for doctors and obligator to the pupils of Architecture, Sculpture, Painting of Landscape and Historical Painting. The Painting professor of or Sculpture fit to choose varied bitipos human beings for the lessons. After only finished such stage, he was the qualified pupil you discipline to attend a course them following.

… does not have greater difficuldade that the figure human being, and the artist whom it takes the responsibility to guide the young artists will have continuously to observe that they do not turn aside d? this end: the figure human being …. (Bernardelli, 1890) In letter sent to the pupil Vtor Meirelles, winner of a prize of trip to France, Manuel de Arajo Port-Glad excites that ' ' he studies the naked, he studies anatomy, he studies the drawing well, and he sees if he takes Mr.

Fifty Women

But over time takes its physiology, the passion dies down, and most of the stronger sex, becomes a practical and a bit cynical, lazy. Their laziness is associated not only with the biological age and excessive concern for women in the previous mating season, but also with psychological factors – the realization that all this has happened, everything is familiar, and already there is no need to hurry, because hardly anyone tries to intercept the "booty." On this subject there good anecdote, about how women were thrown from a wreck on a wave of one of the uninhabited islands, and four men on the adjacent piece of land. Thirty said: "Let us rather swim across the Strait," forty stopped him: "Why hurry, make a raft and quietly pass over." Fifty years said: "Calm down, guys, pokrichim, Wave, they see us and sail themselves." Sixty wondered: "Why somewhere to swim and all so well seen! "Some ladies still can not accept the fact that they are not romantic young girl, and potential partners are not passionately in love with young men, capable of madness. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. may also support this cause. They are long overdue honestly admit is bright and clean feeling, that they have experienced for the first time, most likely will never happen again. Undoubtedly, true love can come again, but it has to be different – more conscious, and mature for her, perhaps, will have to fight. That is why women, tired of fruitless dialogue with the opposite sex should take matters into your own hands.


First and foremost to educate a dog go to the bathroom, if our dog eat anytime he wants, so will make with your needs around the clock. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. takes a slightly different approach. We must regulate their meal schedules to thereby adjust their schedules of evacuation. Feeding your dog gives you the food on your plate, and leave it for about half an hour, after that time don’t you dish at your fingertips, so you get used to eat at a certain time. A puppy eats between four or five times a day, but a dog already adult eat only twice a day. This implies that we have to control the amount of times we give food to our puppy depending on your age. Then set the schedule, will move to establish the place, so we will identify the place where we want to see our dog needs, as well as, where we also cannot come under any grounds, such as for example the alcove.

If you take account of the time in which your dog does their needs, can take you to the intended area for your bathroom at that hour, that way you will get used to make your needs there. This will prevent accidents when we are starting with the training to teach a dog to go to the bathroom. We’ll leave it there at least half an hour to see his reaction. If the dog is small we can implement the method of the cage, which consists of keeping the puppy in a small pen or cage while you are with us, and take out it every hour to your bathroom, taking him there for a few minutes waiting for your needs there. To teach a dog to go to the bathroom the dog should prefer his bathroom before the cage to their needs, since instinctively dislikes getting dirty in their own den.

During the night, we will have to keep our dog in surveillance for a time until you become accustomed, if it is small will have to take out it at least twice during the night. If your dog has less than six months don’t wait to perfectly control his bladder, it will do so gradually until reaching that age. This is not due to their lack of attention, but that the reason is due to their physiology. There is little a method known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, you have Click here.


It is a brain area that has undergone few modifications along the evolutionary process of mammals and contains two major structures, which modulate the declarative aspects of memory. Thus, the injury or deterioration in one of its structures – the hippocampus – leads to a loss of the ability to store information subsequent to the date of injury, keeping the memory of events that occurred prior to the injury anterograde amnesia. On the other hand, although far yet fully understanding the biophysical and biochemical bases of memory, each time is more clear that what we remember are not stimulus in themselves, but the relations between them, and that information is stored as structural changes in memory. Modulation of many cognitive processes that performs the cerebellum extends also the border in the study of the different processes from memory. Although the process of printing and retention of fingerprints is a general function of nerve cells, this does not mean that the activity from memory, complexly structured, involve all parts of the brain alike, nor be a function of the entire cerebral cortex, regarded as an indivisible whole. Data that includes contemporary Physiology and Neuropsychology suggest that the activity of the memory is guaranteed by a complex system of brain areas that they work in coordination, each one performs its specific contribution to this complex activity. In this sense, the current point it is essential to capture perfectly souvenir or its contrary, oblivion, is not more than a partial manifestation of memory, and that without this we could understand what tell us, what we read or reasoning. The cognitive psychology of memory is currently dedicated to the in-depth study of these interactions. In what refers to scientific research currently in development projects, we can mention two: the first refers to the relations between experience and changes in gene expression of activated neurons.