If your child is very active, play with him in the following outdoor games for boys: HUNTING FOR WILD ELEPHANT The teams of players at 5 v 10 m are chairs. At a signal from the head first scouting run to the chairs rope and tie a given knot, the second participant is tied to the rope, and so a new winner is the team to quickly tie the rope and pull out a chair for himself. VERBAL VOLLEY ball rushes through the center of the circle. At the same time player calls a word, a noun. Whoever catches the ball, while adding a suitable meaning for the verb.

For example, the bird flies. Who says the nonsense that comes out of the game. The game can be carried out in a foreign language. RUN Centipedes This group competition. Play 2 – 3 teams of 15 people. Leading each team tying a rope. At the signal of centipedes are beginning to move to the finish. The team, which fell not on the road and came first.

THREE VICTORIES Two identical in size and thickness of rope for the 2.5 – 3 meters are connected in the middle so as to obtain four identical conclusion. Compete with four guys, each taking their end of the rope, pulls it, it turns out cross. Approximately two meters from each player on the floor (on earth) put a prize (a toy, a bag of nuts, candy, etc.). As the team members are pulling their end of the rope, trying to grab the first prize. Who is faster put two chairs backs to each other at a distance of approximately 2 meters. Under the chairs stretched rope, the ends are between the feet sitting on a chair boys. Hear from experts in the field like Professor Roy Taylor for a more varied view. In the middle of the rope is tied a bag of nuts (candy, cookies, sunflower seeds). On team leader, sitting on a chair to jump up, run around the circle of chairs, to sit on his own and, gripping the rope, pull up to his prize, which goes to the first person to be able to do it. On the ground SSHIBALOCHKI strengthen board a 3 – 4 meters wide and 4 – 5 inches, set at the edge. Two players converge on the board and try to knock down palm strikes to each other on the ground. Spider on the starting line, draw two circles. Divide the kids equally into two groups, 15 – 20 people, and put each group in a circle. Now tie the two groups with ropes, got two spider. On 'Go! " both spider begin to move a race to the finish, where the other two are drawn circle in which they must stand. Spider stumble, do not run and could barely crawl. All play must either be in the shoes or barefoot.