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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Hierarchy And Disciplines

Now, more than never, it is fashion to protest. Grupinho with bands in the hands does not import for which side one is going and there this goes or that citizen ' ' esclarecido' ' , as one was behind an electric trio to prove that it did not die. Ah! nowadays has the virtual protests. A face nor needs to spend shoe sole, or better, of tennis (that it is younger, innovative, revolutionary), exactly that the virtual manifestant does not know who or what is attacking or defending e, almost always, it is manipulated by some few, these yes, sages of its objectives, normally that nothing they have to see with collective aspirations, but with personal ambitions. World-wide, national, regional and local situations serve in them of examples of revolt, some without cause, or at least without definite objective and that the people embark, catching tram exactly missed, but finding to be better that to wait in the point and since it is there, because not to seat in janelinha? Some forget, that depending it route on the adventure, sun and the shade continues for almost all, but it does not have as many windows and only adaptable wolves, camalees and other espertalhes and continue unattachable until appearing another wave to take them and who it knows? To drag same or new the imprudent ones. Recently, I heard in the television a declaration on the strike of bahian military policemen and that it was cogitated to spread for other states. (Similarly see: Donald Sussman).

It was cited that: ' ' Hierarchy and disciplines is pillars of military organizations, without them, Policies can become bandos armados' ' The citation is not new, saved deceit is of 2004, pronounced for a former-minister of Supremo Federal Court (STF). When if it speaks in military organization, the same dosage can be used for club armed (public or private), that to not respecting them pillars of discipline and hierarchy, to gain force with attitudes of personal intentions (almost always to keep privileges) and with its mobilizations capsizing mass maneuver of opportunists (are individuals or entities), we will be yes attending the formation of bandos armed. Before accepting some thing as certain or truth, she is necessary to analyze situations not to incur into the risk of, for irresponsibility, to lose the sacred rights of the democracy, the true liberty of speech. Let us see, the crisis politics in Campinas (SP), with annulled mayors and without definition of new elections, this has two years almost. So far, what it is seen are few and small manifestations of groups pro or against this or that person. Nothing of more conscientious, mass, with more than 1 million of inhabitants represented in the definitive brainstorming. The crisis affects all, but it seems alone to interest the candidates to ' ' confortvel' ' chair of the cabinet of 4 to walk of the campineiro Pao.

Pharmacists Day

Happy pharmacists there is some confusion. For example, in Ukraine it is celebrated on the third Saturday of September and in Belarus – 15 October. The question of which day to celebrate the holiday Russian pharmacist is likely to remains open, as legally (Russian laws), it is not settled. Nevertheless, a number of major Russian Internet – portals and information sites on holidays, under the heading "Day of pharmacists' Belarus is a date (October 15). Apparently in honor of the fact that Russia and Belarus are the sort of allied states. From this and we will proceed. After all, the representatives of such an important profession in any case have their own holiday (albeit informal) in which they can receive congratulations pharmacists from their loved ones. By the way, along with pharmacists, usually mention the workers and microbiological industry.

It Last we have to manufacture vitamins, enzymes, antibiotics and many other drugs. For pharmacists also include employees of pharmacies that provide storage of drugs and their implementation. In recent decades requirements to employees of pharmacies objectively complicated because many customers do not have time (or desire) to visit a doctor for minor ailments, consult it to the pharmacist. I must say that consultation, which today have pharmacists in these cases, in terms of its usefulness is practically not inferior to visit a doctor. However, this does not mean that in case of serious ailments should wait for the pharmacist.

Indeed, in this situation, you should definitely visit a doctor. And if you look at things broadly, medicine and pharmaceutics are two sides of one coin. After all, pharmacists are manufactured those drugs that doctors prescribe to us. Elsie M, But the natural man Inter pharmacists will not find, you run a pharmacy is easy as clicking the seeds. Wish that the problems did not know, shone in the eyes of a happy light. In all cases, as in the series, let expects Happy End! Other greetings Pharmacists day>>>.

Viruses And Cold Weather

In the cold season is especially important question about the fight against viruses and infections. After this period weakened immune system and is particularly vulnerable to disease. Most often the disease begins with fever, and we habitually drawn to the tablets, medicinal powders. Do they really need, can you can do without them? In principle, the temperature rose – a helper in the fight against infection. Trapped in the body the virus develops the best at a temperature of 35-36 degrees, stopping at 38-38,5 reproduction, and between 39 degrees and above – are killed. It is therefore no need to bring down the temperature if it is not very high – below 38 degrees. However, to facilitate the general condition will help in this If plenty of warm drink from herbs or berries to avoid dehydration, it is best to perform this procedure every 3 hours.

But it so happens that at elevated temperature was rapidly deteriorating health, a headache, there are muscle cramps. Then you can use fruits and vegetables. For example, a great help use lemon. Tablespoon of lemon juice diluted with warm water and sweeten to taste, after a drinking improvement comes already Half an hour later. As for external use, you can wipe the body of lemon juice mixed with water in half. Lemon can also replace the carrots, then it rubbed on a grater, squeeze the juice, heated, and drink half a glass every half hour. To cool off you can also use alcohol or plain vodka. Moistened gauze in her obterayut patient's body from head to foot, and change it into dry clothes, if there is excessive sweating.

If the napryazhenka home with alcohol or vodka, you can use vinegar. If the temperature is slightly above 38 degrees, with a 3% solution of vinegar is enough to wipe his feet on the feet to the knees and chest. At a temperature of 40 degrees should be done packs with 6% – 9% or vinegar. If fever is very good 15-minute warm shower or warm drink such as tea with raspberries. After this procedure should be put on warm socks and go to bed. Sweating will help to reduce the temperature.

Health Assessment

The company must ensure free health assessment before their assignment to night work and thereafter at regular intervals to make a medical examination to detect a history of digestive disorders. Without hesitation Professor Roy Taylor explained all about the problem. a UA a The owner of the pharmacy should always take preventive measures such as increasing rest periods, or to promote a workplace to ensure adequate lighting for example, good temperature . a UA a Es strongly recommended to plan at least pause long enough to allow at least take a hot meal during working hours. Other leaders such as Preventive Medicine Research Institute offer similar insights. The meals must also be light, trying to reduce the amount of lipid away from junk food, although this is a general recommendation . Donald Sussman brings even more insight to the discussion. Furthermore Asefarma stresses that while the pharmacist owner who has the leadership and organization of pharmacy, the shift, among others, are conditions to be agreed in the contract of employment, and this is an agreement between employer and worker. a Ademas every company should have a plan for prevention of occupational hazards and to inform and be the worker of the risks involved in the post works only . a In other matters this advice also explains trachea after a night shift can not do overtime.

a The labor law establishes restrictions on these shifts, by the impact on health. These days not exceed 8 hours per day on average in a reference period of 15 days. There is also a ban on the performance of overtime for night shifts on the Status. a Another question to which Asefarma answer is to whether it is profitable for the worker wear the white coat at night. a The agreement of pharmacy, regulated in Art.

30, the amount to be paid in respect of nocturnal plus. It states that the consist plus 15% of basic monthly salary received by the worker to come. As to whether it is profitable or not we appreciate the reasons why you choose this economic shift that is well (to be increased wages with plus nocturnal), character or personality of the employee, his personal and family circumstances, and the high cost of health.