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National Institute

On the other hand, of 2008 the 2010 PGF promoted the filling of a suit of 1.021 actions in favor of the INSS, representing an annual average of 340 the fillings of a suit. With effect, up to 2010 the INSS already filed a suit 1,250 acidentrias third-party claims approximately, generating a compensation expectation that if approaches to the cipher of 200 R$ milhes' ' Noteworthy it is the substance published in the site of the Social welfare, only 30 days after the substance of Maciel (8): ' ' Per the third consecutive year, the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS), by means of Procuradoria Geral Federal (PFG), carries through in this thursday (28)? National day of Combat to the Industrial accidents? the collective the filling of a suit of sets of ten of acidentrias third-party claims. In the date of today 163 actions in the units of the PGF of all the country will only be protocolled, with expectation of compensation of R$ 38 million. The third-party claims are moved against companies and search to repay public coffers for paid values the insured in reason of accidents occurred for descumprimento to the health norms security of trabalho' '. 7.Gesto of the FAP is not effected because the company got one threshold in the justice releases that it to collect the RAT flexibilizado for the FAP. The threshold to suspend the application of the FAP is a palliative measure, of unexpected results, whose merit will be judged in an indefinite future time, and that it does not hinder that the value tribute has left it the safes of the company. The perspective of the retaken one of the deposited values feeds this practical. See Donald Sussman for more details and insights. It generates a sensation of ' ' conforto' ' , being forgotten the eventual repercussions negative them concessions them acidentrios benefits, and procrastinated measured to reduce the absenteeism removal, what it does not make impracticable a roll of events with possible negative repercussions for the companies, such as: 1.O FAP is fed by the acidentrios benefits (B91 species), which continue to be granted by the expert doctors of the Social welfare.


It then stabilizes at – 18 C. As it does not have preservatives, we calculate life in the freezer time is between three and five months. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Professor Roy Taylor. Once thawed, the homemade food up to three days in the fridge, explains Guitian. The Easy-Feed menus are chicken with rice, broccoli and carrot; Salmon with rice, fresh cheese and cherry tomato; Turkey with Macaroni and cherry tomato; hake with potato, peas and asparagus, and veal with rice, peppers, and mushrooms. The dishes of chicken and hake cost 3.90 euros and others, 4,50 euros.

How is possible at this price?, anticipates the businessman. Because we don’t have intermediaries, deal ourselves; We have a minimum commitment of purchase to the catering company and the profit margin is very low, since we believe that it is an attractive product and that it will have a great rotation, he explains. At the moment, menus Easy-Feed are only found in some gyms and Galician sports centres that were already customers of Health & Fitness, but the reception is being so good, says Guitian, which will also seek agreements with another type of establishments, as stores 24 hours, frozen, supermarket chains and companies. Does not rule out, even offer it to day care centers or another type of care homes because they are, ensures, valid menus to anyone. “Initially, this product was designed for people who do sport, that likes to take care of physically and nutritionally, but we are seeing that it can have output for any person that you like eating well and has no time to Cook, explains the entrepreneur. By the way they are presented, the menus are perfectly valid to work – can be thawed in a way ntural or microwave and take in the own Terrine- but Guitian believes that they are also a good alternative to the popular Cola-Cao with biscuits, pizza or sausage dinners. They are 350 grams of fast food, without bone, bones and fat, and if this is soda, there is always the option of adding salt or any sauce, stresses Guitian, that have many expectations placed on the project.

The Rate

For the yeast dough requires dry or compressed yeast with a slight alcohol odor. Compressed yeast is kept in a refrigerator at 2-4 degrees C up to 2 weeks. You may want to visit Professor Roy Taylor to increase your knowledge. If the yeast is necessary to keep longer, then they should be frozen. Before the work is slowly thawing frozen yeast at a temperature of 4-6 degrees C. Dry yeast, well-packaged in sealed containers, persist long enough. However, keep in mind that they still lost the lifting property, approximately 5% per month. When preparing the test, take the dry yeast in 3 times less compacted.

Before you knead dough, pressed yeast diluted in warm water with a temperature of 30-35 degrees C, until a homogeneous slurry. Dry yeast is desirable to mix with flour, and then later dissolve in warm water. Value of yeast, flour and water is equal to: 1: 10: 30. Baking baking depends on color, thickness and gloss of the crust as grilled crumb, aroma and most importantly, the taste of bread. Quality of bread determines the rate of heating of bread in the oven and baking duration.

When baking bread in the oven, a frying cupboard or in the oven household, gas or electric stoves, must be able to regulate the temperature within 150-300 C. Baking bread in a Russian stove. In order to get a good wood stove istopit need to have a large experience. The main thing that furnace was heated uniformly, and for this it is desirable to heat the oak or birch wood (stove faster and more uniformly calcined). Worst of all heated furnace at the furnace aspen wood. Oven floods for 2 -3 hours before baking. During the firing, when the wood is burning well, the wood must be repeatedly moved from one place to 'hearth' is uniformly heated. When the wood will be burned, the heat (burning embers) is spread evenly across the surface of the 'Pod', shut the door and damper by 10-15 minutes, the temperature in the furnace was uniform. After that rake out the coals and ashes, 'under the' sweep of the broom pine branches (or wipe a damp cloth) and then close the door on the 3 – 5 minutes for the dust settled. After this check you have enough oven ignited. You can check this piece of paper thrown on the 'Under'. If a newspaper once ignited, it means that the oven is too hot. If cast on 'Under the' piece of paper begins to rapidly grow brown, it means that the temperature in the oven for baking bread is normal and is 185 – 230 degrees C. Usually the hostess knows the strengths and shortcomings of their ovens and bake bread, guided by this. When baking bread in the oven for home plate, you must consider that the oven is heating up as quickly and as quickly and cools down. This means that when baking bread oven must constantly monitor and maintain the desired temperature. Once the bread is removed from the oven, the crust on top should be lightly moistened with water and covered with a towel or cloth to cool. Slice cooled, sliced bread, should be uniformly porous, with no voids.


Sawing sawmill on tape – an important stage of the material. Poor cutting threatens to breach the specified standards for a particular type of material. High-quality cutting, in turn, involves not only compliance with standards, but also work with the wood of any species. The current market for woodworking machinery is widely represented tape power-saw benches, possessing qualities such as: – high precision cutting – a greater yield of timber than Multiblade machines – compact and light weight – mobility, not to mention your availability, low price and ease of use. The consumer becomes a legitimate question: how to choose the best equipment to work.

How to buy a quality sawmill factory tape, rather than a pig in a poke. First of all, it is necessary to examine products offered on the market. What types and brands of the most common band sawmills and exploited. What advantages and benefits of a product of a manufacturer. However, careful study of all cons.

Assess the conditions under that the selected band sawmill will be used. An important indicator of the success of future operation of the machine – is the availability of the warranty period. The next, equally important indicator is the possibility of holding commissioning. Reliability chosen sawmills should be confirmed not only the accompanying documentation – learn customer feedback. Maintainability – a single element that determines the quality and "Security" buyer. Please note that the lack of maintainability of equipment later require costly maintenance and repairs. And in some cases, can lead to stagnation in production and material losses. Thus to buy a sawmill in fact not so simple. OOO "Golden Section" – band sawmills and machinery otsilindrovochnye production and sale. .

Healthy Enzymes

What is the Co Q10 Enzyme? by your unique herbal product store online for the health. Recent studies have shown to very promising correlations between the high levels of consumption of the Q10 coenzyme and the reduction of the symptoms (or slower beginning of the symptoms) of the disease of Parkinson and the congestive cardiac disease. The capacity to synthesize the Q10 Coenzyme falls with the age. The Q-10 Coenzyme is similar to the vitamin K, which protects our bodies against the free radicals and exerts a protective effect on cellular membranes. One is necessary a natural liposoluble antioxidant form for the operation of each cell of our organism.

One takes place of natural form in the body and we could not survive without her. If the levels of this enzyme decrease, also it makes our health generally. Low Coenzyme levels Q 10 can bring about high arterial pressure, attacks to the heart, angina of chest, depression of the immunological system, periodontal, lacking disease of energy and obesity. The weaves that they require more energy (as the heart) also requires of majors amounts of CO-Q-10. Speaking candidly Dean Ornish M.D told us the story. The chest angina is a disease in which sufficient oxygen availability does not exist for the cardiac muscle. Patients with cardiac deficiencies have seen beneficiaries with greater force and vigor when taking supplements from CO-Q-10. CO-Q-10 can stimulate the immune system of natural form, which is in a still greater range of benefits for the health derived, as it is logical. The Q10 Coenzyme acts like a transporter for the Chain of Electron transfer, which is the final step of a complex process of production of energy from foods assimilated by the organism.

The Q10 Coenzyme acts like an important antioxidant and is demonstrated that it improves the function of the cardiac muscle. Additional uses have been demonstrated that the Q10 Coenzyme improves the cardiovascular diseases, like for example the angina of chest, the arrhythmias, etc.? Q10 coenzyme can increase to the resistance when increasing the aerobic capacity and the levels of corporal energy. Studies demonstrate that the Q10 Coenzyme improves the reproductive functions and the motilidad of the sperm. The Q10 Coenzyme stimulates the formation of antibodies and white blood cells. The Q10 Coenzyme can prevent deterioation of encas. It avoids the tissue hypoxia and it prevents the spots of the skin related to the aging. Original author and source of the article.

Traffic Accidents

The possible sequels of the traffic accidents are extremely diverse, being seriously threatening for the physical integrity of the person. Craneo-encephalic traumatisms, amputations of members, breakage of bones, medullary injuries or the death of some of the occupants are even, among others, possible terrible consequences of this type of events. A type of injury very common and in certain way unknown and underestimated in this type of cervical cases is esguinces. How take place these injuries? This type of esguince, also denominated latigazo cervical, takes place when, because of the collision in the traffic wreck, the occupant of the vehicle undergoes a sudden movement of his head backwards, forwards or in both senses; seriously being damaged the structures of its neck: muscles, joints and ligaments. Often this injury is not pronounced in the later compasses to the traffic accident (normally they take place in back collisions), appearing several hours, days, weeks or even months later, which makes difficult its treatment enormously.

In this type of cases, for this reason, to go directly to the doctor (in this case the corresponding specialist would be the rheumatologist) before the smaller symptom will be fundamental. The delays in the treatment could derive in sequels of permanent type Which are their more significant symptoms and their period of convalecencia? The lack of mobility in the zone of the neck, as well as the pain felt in the same and other parts as the shoulders or the arms are the main aspects that could make jump the alarms by a possible cervical injury by latigazo. Also the headaches or the mareos and vertigos suffered as a result of the traffic accident could be enlightening at the time of determining the possible presence of the same. One calculates that around 50% of the cases of esguince cervical they present/display a period of convalecencia with the annoyances and own pains the same among one and three months, whereas until in a 10% of the assumptions the sequels they could be cronificar, suffering affected the pains during the rest of its life. Claim by the damages suffered In spite of the contrariedad that could turn out to put itself to think about the possibility of interposing a claim in a while in which most important it is to concentrate in the rehabilitation of the injury, does not have to underestimate the necessity to carry out it. Traffic accident entails innumerable expenses and damages material (among them those of the own automobile), as well as consequent loss of income due to impossibility of to be able to work (still more if had suffered who it worked like Independent), having the convalescent person to remain in situation of medical statement of release from duty, in many occasions since we have seen during several months. To obtain an indemnification in case the traffic accident had not taken place by your cause could suppose an important palliative, that it would allow in certain way to alleviate the adverse consequences of the same.