It means that the average human being living on Earth 25 thousand days and little more than 600 thousand hours. Life is really short. Transcendence through a legacy has to do with all the instruction, education, and training that is delivered to the child in his early age and they will be a reflection of what we were and we did; in such a way that their lives will be planned according to the information that the parents have received part. When we speak of our future generations transcend means implementing good habits, defined character, identity, virtues, skills at the same time teach you to become a great negotiator with all the talents and virtues to make it a person with winning attitude to life. Transcend with a legacy has nothing to see with all the material wealth that a man can inherit their children, but rather has to do with the spiritual richness that in the child’s mind has been implanted in his childhood.

Many are those who associate poverty with money but this nothing has to do with money, rather than poverty has to do with the way of thinking, the essence of poverty found in the patterns of conduct, and in the rational thinking of the same individual, the core of poverty lies in the attitude of the human being, and false information that it has of itself. Sadly 97% of humanity that inherits its future generations are bad habits, bad habits, bad temper, a wrong attitude toward life, we inherit our children, fear, shame, guilt, values of misery, in essence, the inheritance of the sons is a false identity. Work, financial problems, emotional problems, marital difficulties, too many that forget to spend time with leadership to their children, and time goes by so fast, that all are unnoticed from the consequences, at the end of the day the only thing many left them is complaining about not having done things differently. To ensure that better life legacy we are leaving to our children we must begin from an early age to share dreams, yearnings, and vision, as well as forge the character of the child, with love, but with strength, with passion, but wisely, to make sure we are not implementing, fear, shame, and guilt in the heart of the child, so that when it reaches its adult life this can reflect and live with freedom of attitude and thinking and believing that everything it is possible to achieve and that can make all your dreams come trueusing his talents with which was equipped from birth. Remember that life is very short; We must make sure that at the end of our days we are happy and made and we can shout to the winds of the universe that we did what we had to do and did it well. If you can.