What is really happening in European bathrooms. COVID-19 Recovery Plans opinions are not widely known. Consumer survey of ideal standard in eleven countries reveals the true life in European bathrooms to 48 per cent of 15 to 30 years prepare preferably in the bathroom on a hot date before German charts the romantic lead and women spend 36.5 gentle minutes per month with their partner in the bathroom check her look twice a day in the bathroom mirror the Germans call an average eleven minutes and thus longer than all other Europeans in the bathroom. 13 percent of European men call the bathroom as the ideal place to get rid her cat to BONN, may 2011. The bathroom plays a key role in the everyday lives of Europeans. This is result of a consumer survey of by market research company Synovate on behalf of ideal standard, a leading multi-brand provider of innovative bathroom solutions. The study covers not only the different development of wishes and needs in the bathroom Depending on the age, gender, culture, family and personal situation. Also, shows that the bathroom both used for common activities such as personal care, but also for unusual activity such as, for example, the washing of car parts.

The findings reinforce the brand idea “inspired by real life” (inspired by the real-life) of the company, which reflects a deep understanding of the intimate and personal role, the bathroom today for men and women representing. The bad concepts of ideal standard transmit these findings in an individual point of view, functional, environmentally conscious and innovative design. For a significant number of the involved more than 4,000 of the Pan-European survey, the bathroom is a place for thinking, switch off, relax and pamper themselves. The results show that experiences in the bathroom are personal and intimate. It is also a clear tendency to spend more time with alone but significant differences between different age groups and countries.