If you want to visit a country rich in historical sites, magnificent nature, original traditions, but having all the benefits of European civilization, then Hungary will be one of the best choices. Nature and time seemed to have aimed to make this country very attractive to tourists. You can improve your health at the famous hot springs, or as hard to learn a long history Hungary's best preserved castles, fortresses and quite modern museums. You can visit the well-appointed caves, of which there are many more than two hundred, and you can race with the wind on horseback along the Danube banks. Streets picturesque towns, painstakingly reconstructed historic villages, numerous fairs and festivals, hospitable and smiling locals who have the most colorful appearance – all this will make a unique holiday vivid and memorable. If you are going to travel in the travel group, the main attractions of the country does not elude your attention.

In this case, you just need to enjoy new impressions, and in his spare time tours take care of the gifts that you return home will please friends and relatives. Hungary has long been well-mastered by travelers, so this set of gifts the country has become a kind of traditional. But "traditional" does not mean "bad", so do not forget to bring a bunch of travel of red pepper and garlic. Paprika, a type of red peppers, has long been the main and most recognizable ingredient of Hungarian cuisine. In the town of Kalocsa Paprika Museum is even, and only in the world! Small fleshy and bright red peppers, related to the lush braids are sold in abundance in all markets any town or village of the country. These fragrant bundles not only useful in the kitchen to your elder relatives (though young cooks and they will also be the way), but stylishly decorated and every kitchen.