According to Accenture, the Brazilian customers possess one high standard of requirement, being this related fact to the excellent level of the services given for the Brazilian banks. Searching to increase the satisfaction of its customers the banks are worried, each time more, in improving the convenience of the attendance. In function of this the expense in technology of the information added R$ 22 billion in 2010, what it represented an increase of 15% in relation to the previous year, pointed the research. The banking industry evolves in the direction to bring greater autonomy, interatividade and freedom for its users, this evolution if of the one through the constant improvement of the technology used for the banks in its systems. See more detailed opinions by reading what COVID vaccine offers on the topic.. All this technology is favorable in such a way for the user, for the easinesses, how much for the bank, that diminishes costs and increases the effectiveness of its negotiates. However, although the evolution of the bank for the Internet, bank through cellular and the auto-attendance in the agencies, the traditional personal attendance, continue being of extreme importance for the sustentation of the business. The commercial activity of the banks still is basically carried through through the local contacts in the community and mainly in the companies of the region where if it locates the agency. The traditional model of the relationship manager that inside waits its customers seated behind a table of the agency, in passive way, becomes each more obsolete time. This figure loses space for the new model of manager, who searchs businesses is of the agency, visiting its customers in search to narrow relationship and working in the prospection of new customers thus to oxigenar the wallet, bringing bigger yield to the business.