No picture increases in such a way how much of the allergies, a meaningless war, because it is total without perspective, each time more people stops a fight in the body against harmless substances as pollen, for the ones of animals, domestic dust, nourishing products and many other things. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. What the alrgicos do not know is that never they will reduce these substances. With this its objectives of war, concretely analyzed have not felt. The restrained, and therefore, unconscious aggression is lived in the physical plan through the allergies. If to look at more criteriosamente will go to perceive that to be alrgico it is a good thing, therefore it can be moved away if thus desiring and always will have the excuse of the allergy. Also it will be able to punish the ones that the fence, pronouncing the effect phrase: This me cause allergy. Used phrase for perfumes, flowers, dust, dogs, smoke and all luck and situations that demand position, but that in some way the alrgico prevents if making of sick person. ' ' I am alrgico then I cannot make or be, therefore this me cause alergia' '. In other words, if they adqem me, therefore I do not go to adjust the vocs! The alrgico does not leave of being a raging manipulator. In this in case that, the use of the floral essence Chicory and Holly of the Floral system Bach is indicated that will go to work the egoism and the anger, among others essences.