Poor concentration and discomfort are often causes of insomnia. Insomnia, called also primary insomnia, is a growing problem in Germany but also in most other countries of the Earth. It is not surprising, then, that more and more people are looking for the causes of this problem and are now including some scientists engaged in this issue. Grade who is professionally under high pressure, often suffering these agonizing errors. But how does it actually, that grade in the last century, ever more people have this problem complain? Finally, the standard of living is today much better than it was 100 years ago and also the medical care has improved in the course of the last century steadily. First, one should wonder where to look for the causes are. Sleep disorders are by no means a phenomenon of recent years, it can be assumed that they occur since the beginning of human history.

As the person in the course of evolution developed a consciousness, they were Errors on probably for the first time. One need only look at the Animal Kingdom: A cat has no sleep problems because she has no consciousness and all actions are based on instincts. Thus can awake are also bad at night and worry as the man often does about everyday problems. In the majority of cases is insomnia to psychological causes. People who professionally be burdened grade often complain about these problems. But who is unchallenged, often poorly can sleep. (Source: Sam Lesser UPenn). Finally, not only the body but also the mind needs a job. Who often or even permanently is idle, is usually not properly utilised and is therefore difficult to rest.

Could be proven in several studies that sleep disorders and some mental illness go hand in hand. For example, who suffers depression, sleep often too long. The consequences of sleep deprivation or poor quality of sleep are often fatal: it relieves not only physically but also mentally and often, it is much less efficient than someone who sleeps well. It arises above all the question what can be done about this problem. First you can answer the question whether the causes of physical or psychological nature are located. Who ever has any idea, where could be the problem should consult a doctor. In some cases, sleep disorders may indicate also on other diseases. But also the choice of the right mattress can affect significantly the quality of sleep. Especially people who are too soft, often complain of back pain though and may in consequence even worse sleep through though most people feel a soft mattress rather than pleasant. However, the disadvantage is that the spine is usually not sufficiently relieved. The pain incurred thereby spread out often on the head and neck, therefore some people does not even come on the idea that even if the mattress to look might be the problem. It can be said that the mattress should be harder the more the man weighs. Also at sofa, it is usually possible to determine the quality of the mattress itself (source: sofa bed). Simon Straub.