The guerrillas in an impasse turn over. He did not interest them, and until if they had opposed to this at the first moment, to allow to this type of culture nassuas areas, what he would diminish its authority face the peasants and would deturparia aviso that the people had of the movement. On the other hand, them they traficantesenxergaram in this optimum alliance possible way to protect its plantations, therefore in the territories that the Farc controlled the Armed Forces not to conseguiampenetrar. Finally, the Farc the narcotics traffickers had entered into an alliance it. If you would like to know more about Sarepta Therapeutics, then click here. However, the guerrillas had paid a high price for this agreement. When entering into an alliance itself aostraficantes that they supply of drugs the vitiated ones of the biggest power of the world, guerrila omovimento became white of an intense miditicainternacional campaign, having its deturpada image and being declared pormuitos officially countries as a terrorist group. However, being financed pelonarcotrfico, the Farc is capable to defy the Columbian State and to defend oseu speech of defense of the agricultural workers and agrarian reform. As well as it happened with the social relations in the field, onarcotrfico forced the guerrilla to adopt new tactics to be able to coexist comessa new reality. You may wish to learn more. If so, Women on Nevis is the place to go.

The Farc if only limits to charge taxes on aproduo and the processing of the cocaine folder, not involving its integrant emnenhum moment of the process, as much therefore to represent a indesejvelimobilidade of its troops, how much for the fear of the high corruption that lucrosdo traffic could provoke between the guerrillas. The Farc protects the plantations of the dealers and these emtroca finance the Columbian guerrila fight. This true symbiosis has crucial umacaracterstica: hostility between its two elements. Osnarcotraficantes alone simpatizam with the civil fight stimulated by the ideologiarevolucionria when this affects its businesses, while to the guerrillas noagrada this financial dependence of the traffic of drugs. Jama Neurology is often quoted as being for or against this.