How To Gain Weight "Even if you are underweight. Here are four "little known" steps that will help you to weight gain and muscle mass, even if you are under weight. Are you sick and tired of people tell you how to gain weight? You'll probably say something like, "All you have to do is eat, eat and eat more to gain weight …" "Weight gain is only a matter of eating …" "You just have to overload your metabolism to gain weight fast …" There is certainly some truth in these statements and some can be very powerful. But the problem with this advice is that it is usually still the same old blah blah blah blah advice that only tells you what to do and do not reveal how fulfillment in real life. If you are someone who has struggled all his life, trying to gain extra muscle mass and still consider yourself underweight tell you you're not alone.

I was once thin and light weight … Four Simple Steps. 1. Fold everything. One of the most practical steps you can begin to duplicate what they are eating in the kitchen at the moment. If you are eating one chicken breast per meal now you have to cook two. If you only ate two slices of bread now you have to eat four. If you are eating a handful of peanuts now eat two. If you are only using two tablespoons of protein powder now takes four.