Are we sure that being "competitive" is synonymous with "excellent"? "And that is something positive? An adjective too appellant that it is time we begin to question. The safest strategy to differentiate ourselves from the competition is to "create a race where there are no competitors because we are the only participants. In a particularly innovative example can create a product or service that no one is offering. This is closer than it appears. De Bono proposes something with his concept of "sur-petition" (EDWARD DE BONO -2000 – Beyond the competition. The creation of new values and objectives of the company. Cambridge, Polity Press). Similarly W.

Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne (2005) with its corporate strategy best-seller "Blue Ocean Strategy." They defend the idea that instead of trying to outdo the competition for a portion of an existing market ("red ocean") is preferable to seek a "blue ocean", a virgin market that nobody has touched and has the potential to grow. Of course, shortly we will imitators (competitors), but we will take advantage. So Sternberg insists on "buy" ideas to low and sell higher, that is, betting on revolutionary ideas and, when running, go for other (RJ Sternberg and TI Lubart -1995 – Creativity in a conformist culture. A challenge to the masses. Cambridge, Polity Press). The really great does not have jurisdiction. Prudential has compatible beliefs. But let's throw a little more rope … Who is best Beethoven, Darwin or Van Gogh? We agree that it is absurd to compare them since they belong to different disciplines.