BU insurance: An important protection, if the profession can no longer be exercised is the subject of explosive and always up to date: disability, can no longer work, because you physically or mentally not more about able, can affect anyone. You can hedge financially with a suitable insurance policy. The right advice for an occupational disability plays a major role. Mental and physical diseases not only negatively affect the quality of life of the person concerned, they Rob power and reduce performance. Up to a point, where the workers no longer in the location is often, to provide the necessary performance. Even less are immune against accidents, which can suddenly change the entire life and lead to disability. The financial and economic situation of the person concerned threatens to worsen on a catastrophic scale.

Too few workers think of this case, an accident or diseases that make every fourth German citizens berufsunfahig. One Disability is a disability insurance, which manages everything in safe cars at least financially, the insured person may suddenly no longer work. The model also among young people in Germany is not perceived as “Compulsory insurance”. The right advice is the first step who insure themselves would like to be, should inform exactly in advance and compare deals with their very different tariffs. A disability is predicted by a doctor. The insurance contract sets all details which come to in the event of an emergency on the insured. With the right advice, insured persons are on the safe side. In a consultation, he is informed of insurance to reassuring about all important details and aspects. He will also receive a fare comparison, taking the different deals scrutinized. Bernhard Assekuranz in Munich and Hamburg offers a free consultation with a collective comparison relating to the disability insurance