When the phrase "wardrobe" every man imagines own image. Feature of this piece of furniture – in his personality. Closet compartment, in contrast to the modular furniture is always a special and unique. Sliding wardrobe made-to-order, taking into account all the wishes of the client. The first thing that interested in someone who decides to buy this furniture is the price of cabinets to order.

Many people mistakenly believe that the cost of the cabinet compartment is very high. This belief is true and wrong at the same time. Indeed, the cost of the cabinet compartment will be higher than the cost of conventional hull enclosure, but its advantages, the ability to put a cabinet in any space, regardless of its geometry and size, as well as reliability and durability, reduce this disadvantage almost to a minimum. Compartment case will serve for many years, and its modular interior design will help organize storing a wide variety of things in accordance with their own preferences. Sliding wardrobe can be both internal and cabinet furniture. Built-in wardrobes coupe, in essence, are a system of sliding doors attached directly to the joists room – walls, ceiling and floor.

Furniture has its own walls, floor and ceiling. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta can provide more clarity in the matter. An intermediate option is the closets compartments, which have their own carriers design part, for example, as a wall using the wall space, and the second wall cabinet is proper. Built-in closet compartment in its pure form is hosted either from wall to wall, or occupies a niche formed by the layout of the premises. Cancer Research often addresses the matter in his writings. In a small niche can be installed folding sliding doors, large wardrobe has a greater number of door wings. In that case, if the compartment case isolates a large niche area, you can get a real dressing room, which can be created by their own furnishings. In this case, sliding door system is, rather, interior partitions than the closet door in her traditional sense. Hull cabinets coupe manufactured as standard and custom. Their main difference is the internal content. Serial cabinets have a standard coupe internal content from multiple shelves and hung. In some models, has one or two boxes. Bespoke hull compartment case can have almost any content. It is designed in accordance with the size of the room, taking into account the needs of the customer. The main advantage of the corps built-in cabinet before is that it is not tied to a particular apartment. It can be rearranged or transported to another place. Built-in furniture allows you to align the geometry of space, smooth out the shortcomings of planning, to create an interior space, but when moving to another house it will likely have to leave the new owners. Built-in sliding wardrobe, of course, can be disassembled and transported, but the installation cabinet in a new place requires considerable adjustment, and in some cases, such re-erection will be quite impossible. Built-in cabinets coupe indispensable in small apartments, for example, small angular hallways allow to organize the space of an optimal way, which is impossible when using the furniture.