Difficult that it is for you to choose a celebration dress and has the things that are due to consider at the time of choosing yours to avoid that you pass a celebration disagreeable are inconvenienced or worse even humiliating, I am going to give some advice to you so that to buy your simple dress but and pleasant. First that you must know it is with whichever budget accounts thus you avoided enamorarte of a dress outside your reach. Second it is to accept your disadvantages and to take care of not to commit errors like for example if your you are of the type of girl who has back widens you do not use a dress with the back open pie or with cintillas also it avoids horizontal strips since it will emphasize to you that detail, it uses a dress preferably with cuts rectum and that uses sleeve to average arm. If you are a girl with small complexin you do not use loose dresses or by far flight you do not use heavy fabrics nor exaggerated designs either, the dresses done to your measurement go to you far better that they fence patches to the hip and that they are simple without printings. If you are a girl with great bust you do not use many accessories in the part of the chest nor use the fit dress too much uses ample dresses, the neck dresses ” v” also they make see you very well, but your case is the then contario suggests your dress to you is fit around the ample chest and in the low part. If you have the waist it widens you do not use dresses that observe the waist to you is suggested to you you use your a little loose dress but without it is too much since if is fit we will mark a part that we did not wish that it excels.

They do not commit the error to buy a dress that does not make you feel comfortable since also on that your state of intention in your celebration depends and the main idea is pasrtela very well, these dress must agradarte to the 100% since if safe I do not suggest to you you do not make hopeles and you look for but options, so that buying a dress that you do not like completely could be a torment since you must be convinced. If your you wish to buy a dress that is in fashion they ten much well-taken care of since your you will realize of what it is the color that this fashionable one so that when entering the store they will have but of the fashionable color that of the rest fences so direct do not exceed what this fashionable one is not that I commit the error to injure uniformed. part in which it is requested to you that your dress is comfortable is important so that also you project your state of intention and if you feel comfortable you could enjoy your event even more.