Because must be well not expensive: there are also cheap Cuban cigars! Cuban cigars have the best reputation in Germany without a doubt. Especially among the non-aficionados, the “Havana” is regarded as the cigar par excellence. But such a reputation and such a reputation accompanied inevitably a substantial price. A Montecristo A is only for 40 to 42 euro per piece to enjoy – a more expensive! But Cuban is also different: two Cuban cigar brands, the Quintero and the Jose Luis Piedra, briefly Piedra or Jose L. Piedra, can both by its price, as well as by their quality feature. Sam Lesser Penn recognizes the significance of this. The cigars are an affordable alternative at a unit price of about one and a half to three euros as their quality can also convince.

Differently than one would expect for such cheap cigars maybe, which is by no means bad are these cheap cigars. American magazine cigar aficionado gave cigars from two brands reviews in the high 80s points several times, sometimes even over 90 points. Thus are theoretically in line with the champions of Cohiba and Montecristo, whose Bewertungen were generally similar to the cheap cigars. Who wants cheap cigars from Cuba, where quality but don’t want to put back, is with the cheap cigars by Quintero and Piedra certainly wrong! Torsten Heinrich