New and used cars from the Dacia who drives through dealer dealership Munich on the way to a Dacia, is certainly still a number of other car dealerships face, the vehicles of the Romanian, the automobile group Renault-Nissan of part manufacturer’s offer. Whether second-hand -, year -, or new cars, the brand Dacia is represented at many retailers, including in specialized Renault and Dacia car dealerships such as vehicle dealers, sell the cars of several car brands. The latest Dacia models a offered branch in Munich in the Dacia retail group. Both private and corporate customers will find centrally located at the Frankfurter Ring a wide range of second hand and used cars here. For example, the new Dacia Logan, as well as the small car Sandero and Clio in various colors and with different equipment options are available. Whether in classic black or silver, petrol or diesel engine, Dacia interested can find the matching car certainly. In addition to the sales of vehicles and accessories are in the Office, as well as Offered repairs in their own workshop. All Dacia models but also has Autohaus Hans Hanauer GmbH on offer, which sells only cars that both automakers as a dealer of Renault and Dacia, two locations in Munich, in the Leonrodstrasse, as well as in the Wasserburger road, has.

No matter, whether a family car, a city car or a commercial vehicle will be searched, the latest models are including the new Dacia Sandero instep way in the off-road look or the Dacia Duster with high entry always in stock. In addition to new cars, the dealership offered Hanauer but also a variety of used cars from Dacia and this as well as in the case of the latest models not only for private, but also for industrial and business customers. Of course, a test drive can be arranged at any time, so that with the desired Dacia Munich a piece widely explored and tested the driving ability of the vehicle. Attractive leasing and financing offers, a wide range of accessories and connected service workshop complete the offer of this Dacia car House. To the Dacia also the dealership Luzzi & Luzzi’s dealers in Munich the Wasserburger Landstrasse to count, that specializes in the sale of new and demonstrator, as well as used cars.

In addition to the brands Renault, Citroen and Saab includes always the newest models of Dacia, currently the Dacia Duster, Sandero and Logan in various trim levels and tones. Who needs new tires for his car, is also at the right address how the Extras for the Dacia as parking heaters or trailer hitches. In addition, the services include repairs and vehicle maintenance as well as the possibility to rent small car, middle – and upper-class car for a period of time. 1989 opened the dealership Luzzi & Luzzi has as Renault dealer started and proved more dealer also. Just outside of Munich, located in Finsing on the reservoir, however Autohaus Gramsamer, which always presents the new models of these brands as Renault and Dacia dealerships. Here, too, new cars from Dacia as well as various used vehicles can be purchased.