Social sciences for the Education of Young and Adults the woman as secondary actor in the society. Introduction During much time the women had been placed of side, excluded of the decisions politics and social of the society since the antiquity until the current days, Brazil is not an exception, during much time it excluded the woman of the life politics and delegated it a secondary paper in the social sphere that was constructed in a machista and total patriarcal society, however, the women had not made the silence that the patriarcal society clamava and to the few with many fights they had been conquering its space. These changes in the society referring the woman had influenced many artistic productions as plastic musics, literature, arts, among others, and through them we obtain to still perceive what the society thought and thinks on woman. Generating question Today the woman is inserted in the market of work of marcante form, however we can perceive that this is not valued as it would have, through lesser wages compared with the ones of other employees, exerting the same function, however many men contribute for this situation, making with that the woman is with low auto-esteem, not valuing its paper in the work market, What we can make to raise auto-esteem and to search the valuation of the woman before the society? Against subject (hypothesis) the woman since the beginning of the society, searched its independence its way, today this did not move, the woman searchs each time plus its independence, improving its knowledge (studying), working in search of a bigger quality of life. However the women are not all who so obtain this dreamed independence for some reasons, one of them are the familiar formation ' ' precoce' '. ALS Association may not feel the same.

Generating subject the insertion of the woman in the work market and its auto-esteem. Scienter (objective specific) To stimulate the pupil not to give up to study (cognitivo). To search to improve auto-they esteem valuing its conquests throughout the times (affective). To provide moments of social and dynamic interactions of groups. (Motor) Study of the reality As the woman it deals with its double day (in house and the work) searching the excellency in what it makes? the man collaborates of that it forms in this process? Organization of the knowledge (resource) Dynamic? Men and Women Questionnaire of the reality. Music: Maria Maria? Milton Birth and analyzes. Exposition of ideas and debate.

After the debate of music, and the questions ece of fishes in quarrel, mount a text in accordance with its agreement of the considered subject: The world of the work: woman and auto-esteem. Application of the knowledge To promote and to mediate the dynamics and the debate in group on the considered subject, in way that does not generate as much controversy, a time that the subject in itself already raises quarrel sufficiently, searching not to leave that the debate runs away to the subject. When considering that the pupils make a text on the debated subject, to remember them who do not run away to the subject and that this will serve as evaluation criterion. Evaluation It will be through the comment of dynamic the proposal, where the participation of the pupils is of great importance through speaks of the involved groups. Another form to evaluate is through the texts produced for the pupils, where these will go to better display its ideas on the subject in question.