The heart of Verona is the Piazza delle Erbe, which its shape resembles a large, slightly oval, rectangle. It is on this area in ancient times was the Roman Forum. And on its neighboring Piazza dei Signoria can see (and visitors can even touch) the original bridge in Rome, lined with giant, almost two-meter boards. In one corner behind the fashionable view in a glass case located at a depth of 8 meters perfectly preserved Roman mosaics. From Piazza delle Erbe, amazing views of the Tower of commune height of 83 meters, whose construction was begun in 1172 and completed construction of an elegant octagonal Only the belfry in 1462. Torre dei Lamberti, as it is called, is certainly one of the most common and well-preserved examples of Lombard architecture. And the front of the tower you can see a column of Venetian Lion of St. Mark and the fountain of Verona, which was built from the penultimate Dukes Scaligero.

He seemed to feel the approaching end of his dynasty and frantically tried to beautify the city. Verona sculpture itself, which adorns the fountain dates back to 379 a year. During the reign of her Scaligero unearthed while building a fortress, and decided to decorate her town. Another attraction of the area – home Matstsantini decorated with frescoes by 16 th century.