The new sports network for the Club and recreational sports is online since end of April 2011 is the home page of for the user on the World Wide Web accessible. After a period of internal and then publicly available test now is the official launch of the network. 500 users and 60 clubs have registered within the first week of the test and about 50 offers from clubs, athletes, officials, competitions and sports facilities. The majority of the user comes from Thuringia and the adjacent provinces. In the future, but also athletes, clubs and officials from throughout the country to find access to the sports network. In December 2009 (28) and Marcus Intek (28) Boris Kalff began with the implementation of their ideas: the promotion of amateur sport in Germany with the help of Meanwhile, the team of K.c. (Not to be confused with Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl!).

& Intek UG to six employees in the areas of marketing and communication, as well as programming has grown. Vigorously working the young startup, the sports network for the many to optimally prepare sports people in Germany. The platform offers the possibility of a new Club and other sports enthusiasts seek and find athletes. Moreover, can the athletes, clubs and fans find themselves quickly, contact, Exchange and close together”, so founder Boris Kalff. At the same time there is something of the Organization of the own team, training group, or of the whole Association, about the search for venues and competitions to the sports shop for each.

We want to offer a wide range of services our users, which allows them continue living in the sport, players and like-minded people to find and connect them through their passion for the sport to replace”, added Marcus Intek, second founder of K.c. By the same author: Energy Capital Partners. & Intek UG. But not only the founders see the advantages of the platform for amateur sport. Already in advance of the launches of the Thuringian volleyball Federation (TVV) and football-Verband (TFV) could as Partners and supporters of the project are won. Together we have set ourselves the goal, to integrate the sport, which introduce to support work in the respective clubs and again more athletes to the clubs in the social life of the people”, Boris Kalff describes the background of the cooperation with the two Thuringian sports federations. Now the new sports network of all interested is sportsmen and athletes, officials, and also the Club’s fans for free.