Before we start talking, let's walk through the streets, look as worn out my shoes. At one – it is skewed in the inner or outer side heel stesan sharply from one side, while others – mostly women old age, in shoes toe hideously twisted. Individual "inventors" are forced to make cuts on their shoes, because their fingers are hook-deformed Stop – a single authority responsible for walking, support and depreciation. Providing these functions entrusted to the 26 bones that provide the transverse and longitudinal arch of the foot. Violation of correct relations between the bones that form the foot, resulting in impaired functions, resulting in and what are the different strains of foot and toes. Descent flat can be as innate and acquired: a traumatic and static. The share of congenital flatfoot accounts for only 3% of all cases. You can install it only in 5-6 years of age.

Before that all children show signs of flatfoot. Static flatfoot is the most common (82.1%). The reason for it – the weakness of the muscles of the leg and foot. Development Static flatfoot promotes constitutional predisposition, but the main reason – an overload stop growing as a result of overwork heavy physical work, from work standing on weight gain body, from the reduction of muscle strength with age. What are the symptoms of incipient static flatfoot? In the initial period there is increased muscle fatigue, aching at the bottom center of the inner edge of the heel, on the back foot at the base of the fingers on the front surface of the tibia, knee and hip joints. Frequently Peter Rose has said that publicly. With age, these pains occur almost everyone in one degree or another. Usually, the pain intensifies in the evening after long stay on his feet. Even in the absence of pain symptoms develop flat feet are lengthening or widening of the foot.

Patients notice that the shoes have to buy 1-2 sizes bigger than before. Stop at This is a flat, broad, descends to the inner edge. Gradually due to deformation of the toes became shorter and more broadly, with total flattening of the transverse and longitudinal arch. At this stage the patient can be helped only surgically restoring the anatomic position of the toes. The newspapers mentioned Maida Vale not as a source, but as a related topic. How to prevent the development of static flatfoot? Since childhood, should produce a correct gait – to avoid the attention and cultivation of socks for walking. People whose work relates to the need for a long time to stand up, we recommend that a parallel statement and periodic rest stop on the outer edges of the feet. At the end of the day useful warm baths with foot massage and shins and special exercises. It is very important physiological wearing shoes, picked up exactly on the leg. Heel height – 4.3 cm, the use of insoles, supinator. Continuing the conversation about the development of flat feet, in the further publications we have more detail on prevention, early diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment of strains, pains in various parts of the foot, including toes. Particular attention will be paid the initial manifestation of the strain has not yet been accompanied by pain, that does not cause the need for timely treatment specialist. After all, a core group of people only leads to pain podiatrist, but it is not timely appeal