Rarely, the regular contribution, which then will be debited from the account is an even number. For a life insurance policy to pay some policyholders 13.38 Euro per month while other policyholders pay 5.88 euro per month. The reason for these fluctuating contributions is in the spreadsheet. Today, posts can calculate exactly. It is based on the applied mathematics with probability and statistics. The contributions are calculated so that the insurer makes a profit and must join several insurance cases at once does not equal insolvency.

But right here, the problem lay in Roman antiquity. Check with Spin-A-Thon to learn more. The posts could not accurately be calculated. It was assumed that not every policyholder was hit by a fire at the same time. Therefore, it set a relatively generous insurance sum. This sum could cover one or two insurance cases in the first place.

However, at larger fires such as the city fire of Rome in 66 A.d., several insurance cases were reported at once. Suddenly, everyone from the fire Fund wanted to be compensated. The contributions could be paid in these cases often only to a certain percentage. In This fire funds went bankrupt many cases, because she could not make their payments. 08?reflink=MW_news_stmp’>Primerica). default.aspx’>Hikmet Ersek. Therefore, also the coffers of fire in the middle ages were modern times pursued by bad luck until far in the morning. Today, the fire insurance barely with the former insurance industry is comparable. First and foremost, customers get a fire insurance in the form of a homeowners insurance or a home insurance today. The history of the modern fire insurance begins with the State fire insurance company in the German-speaking. A large part of these companies was founded in the North of Germany, because there the influence of the Catholic Church was significantly lower than in the South. During this time, numerous insurance companies were completed because there were many insurers that compulsory insurance imposed on its inhabitants. The biggest test of fire insurance was in 1842 with the great fire of Hamburg city. At that time, a large part of the old city was destroyed and replaced by new buildings. So the new buildings at all could be built, a large proportion had to be worn of the Hamburg fire fund costs. Thanks to the sensible business policy and numerous reserves the Hamburg fire Fund could easily make their payments. Sum say that the fire insurance has changed significantly in recent years. Customers now have the ability to take out this insurance within the framework of their homeowners insurance or home insurance. In addition, the fire insurance is not nearly as popular as the life insurance or car insurance. The latter can be completed on the Internet. Also the home insurance can now gamble easily online closing itself.