Ten benefits afforded us having a dog: 1) having a dog produces a social stimulation for the whole family; talking dog, deal with the dog, play with it and become interested in him is very positive for the whole family. (2) Having a dog provides a very important company for people living alone.Also be one helps essential in your safety 3) having a dismiunuye dog stress and heart rate mainly cundo it caresses it, you walk it or when playing with him. (4) Having a guardian dog gives a feeling of protection and in addition rprsentan one of the most effective methods when talking about security of our home, much better than the alarms including. A related site: Moe Howard mentions similar findings. (5) The acquisition of a puppy generates a great responsibility on all members of the family, even the little ones whom patois love having a dog. (6) Having a dog is proven it is of great assistance to facilitate the reintegration of adolescents difficult with behavior, addictions to drugs and even if problem of crime.

(7) Having a dog provides assistance in social contacts with other people during times of ride. (8) Having a dog provides friendship and camaraderie linking to the intensely human beings with his faithful companion of four legs. (9) Having a dog is the pride and prestige which means having a beautiful dog good care and elegant. (10) Dogs are able to detect odours imperceptible to humans; for example it was discovered that they are capable of smelling the serious decreases of blood glucose in insulin-dependent diabetic patients which could prevent shock hypoglycemic of fatal characteristics for the sick. But the important detail that I want to highlight in this moment is that having a dog is cute whenever and wherever a polite dog and to behave well, but unfortunately in my professional experience I can say that many times the family who decides to have a dog passes many headaches and moments of anxiety due to the bad behavior of your new dogThis makes your needs anywhere, everything breaks when left alone, makes disasters in the garden, cava wells, is desobendiente and sometimes aggressive with other dogs and people, etc. you would like we can avoid all of this when you have a dog? Very easy; you only need to know the secrets, techniques and strategies to educate your dog easily and without hiring expensive trainers.