It is no secret that from the mental state of a person and depend on his health and his office successes, and personal life. Often, our emotional balance may be affected and have an adverse effect completely elusive, intangible sources. Treachery of the impact on the human brain lies in the fact that harmful emotions can not be a devastating impact immediately in the event, and are capable of for years accumulate in the subconscious mind of man. Gain insight and clarity with Center for Colon Cancer Research. Often, this may encourage not only the television programs with negative energy, an unfortunate neighbor, or trouble at work. This may be familiar to us things that we see every day at home or at work. This may be the current tap in the kitchen, uncomfortable chair or a bed, an ugly view from the window, falling off the cabinet doors, causing a pattern of negative emotions and stuff.

Impact can be provided continuously, and it does not pay attention and do not try to resist. In Feng Shui there is such a thing as sha chi, or “poisoned arrows, which give rise to the sharp edges of furniture, corners, sharp objects hanging beams. Prolonged exposure to it can even cause serious disease. Classical Feng Shui pays great attention to this issue and recommends first and foremost get rid of old, inconvenient, and served their broken things and get rid of the “poisoned arrows.” One of the difficult questions in Feng Shui – the ratio of antiques and old things. On the one hand, the first thing can be a family heirloom, and secondly, can simply be beautiful, and thirdly, it is prestigious to have a beautiful house in an expensive piece of furniture or a piece of furniture from an antique shop.