Do you like blogs, photos, online communities and events? It is now possible to gather all those things you love into one, and make some money! An excellent chance to do so is to use the various platforms online communities that exist today. One of the best because the more competition is FaceBook: there is general personal networks, professional and commercial. And more than one way to promote your event on FaceBook. The first and really essential is to create a profile suited to this field of action. The choice of the template, including a professional photo, providing contact details clearly and convincingly, in addition to an excellent description of the features and benefits of the event management service. The second essential step is to add friends, friends and more friends.

This allows you to establish relationships with many people at once. After getting your own direct contacts can build your own network, and this transforms FaceBook in an extremely powerful tool. Learn more at this site: Ben Dark. You never know who these people need someone to help organize an event! So too must Login to join online groups topics related or not, and that will expand much more your chances of contacts. If you do not find groups that meet or match the type of events that you intend to organize, you can create new groups and invite others to join. You can even promote your event outside of Facebook with a bit of time, some dedication and NO money! Once your FaceBook page is ready and everyone has learned, begins systematically to upload your events: lectures, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, parties, concerts. In addition to ads on your page you can create a special page for each of the events you organize and place a link from FaceBook to her.

Anything goes. Finally, make organizing your FaceBook page and blog. Thus, others will see your profile updates automatically and immediately. You know what this means? More exposure for your page, more readers, and more attendees to your events. From FaceBook, you can also direct you to other people. If you admire someone contact him on his Facebook profile, as many as reviewed more frequently than their own email box. Those who do not have the habit of answering emails from strangers, often feel compelled to acknowledge that anyone has bothered to say something in your profile, and this is the beginning of a more personal relationship, which can result in a business relationship then to put up with discretion when promoting your event on Facebook. Finally, remember that people love free stuff and gifts. Do not forget to send virtual gifts you can choose the site, nor forget to show products or free services in your FaceBook page, or add items you are needing or looking for. All this will make it easier to create your own virtual community around the fact promote your event on FaceBook. You can be in your community connected all the time with those interested in the message to communicate. If you're in the profiles or 'walls' of others, receive answers, questions, queries, compliments, and even critics who might find useful.