One or more children can be affected (EMERY, 1993 cited for CARAMANO et al; 1998). 2,4 FISIOPATOLOGIA In abnormal the cellular membranes occurs the extravasation of many muscular enzymes, in special the creatino quinase. This metabolic error, that cause the death of the cells, is present since fetal life. In recent months, Jim Rice has been very successful. The absence of muscular consuming progresses to the birth and suggests that other factors balance the distrofina lack. Darcy Stacom, New York City is the source for more interesting facts. The specific desencadeante is unknown, but fagocitose of muscular cells for inflammatory cells takes the scars and the lack of the muscular function. With the evolution of the illness, the esqueltico estriado muscle almost is substituted in totality for conjunctive fat and fabric. The skeleton to the times presents deformities, leading gradual immobilization. The cardiac muscles and the muscles of the gastrointestinal treatment become fibrticos.

Al is not found structural abnormalitys consistent in brain (CARRIE et; 2007). 2,5 DIAGNOSIS is characterized as a hereditary illness, of any illness of the fabric muscular, with advance observes muscular weakness, destruction and restoration of muscular staple fibres, where the staple fibres are changed by fabric fibroso and adiposo (UMPHRED, 2010). The signals and symptoms presented for the DMD carrier are precocious, occurring difficulty in the locomotion of members, mainly to the floor. These manifestations are noticed by familiar and the professors during the interaction of the child between the colleagues, being able to happen falls when playing, running, and the presence of an unbalanced position (UMPHRED, 2010). 2,6 TREATMENT does not have treatment to interrupt the progression of the muscular alteration. The treatment of support includes: To ask for to the patient to tossir and to make exercises of deep breath and diafragmtica breath; To guide the responsible ones how much to the precocious signals of respiratory complications; Ortopdicos devices, exercises, fisioterapia and surgery to correct contraturas; Adequate ingestion of liquids, increase of the fecal mass and emollient fecais for constipation, decurrent of inactivity; Poor diet in calories, rich in proteins and staple fibres; Surgery to promote and to keep mobility, as release of tendes for contraturas and vertebral fusing stops escoliose (CARRIE et al; 2007).