We will approach in this article on the importance of the communication in the initial series, its concepts, development and as if to communicate through the language of the artists, language of the children, language of the body. The communication it is a capacity human being of information transmission and the man carries through this task using different systems and as, but used the language. The studies indicate that the acquisition of language if initiates in the first contacts of the baby with the world, where start if to interact with the social environment and the people to its redor. Therefore, to understand an alteration of it speaks is to know what it is the language; where already it comes the intention of the communication that is present in our daily one. It will be that the communication represents it human being, its capacity to transmit knowledge? It has seen, that nobody is born speaking and one of the forms most used to transmit this information says is it, this strategy is part of the nature human being and if it initiates for the child when it starts to emit the first sounds. To always stimulate the children, when it starts to have its first contact with the school it already makes the use of its language.

It has a natural grammar, system of rules for which constructs its speech. He is one to know intuitivo, the proper one to know linguistic or ability of each falante. Better to understand the development it is to look at to each step that we give of this baby, and we go evolving with many knowledge gotten of this our first contact in the uterus. Of this then, the man if communicates for the language where he has access to the information, express and defends its opinions, allotment or constructs vises of world, at last, produces knowledge.