He always wrote everything. The good and the bad. The truth and the uncertain. Not necessarily what is written in a book or a newspaper is true. Ignorance often leads to errors. Other times there are vested interests. more in-depth analysis. Many others, believed that it was true ceases to be. By the same author: Falcrum Therapeutics.

And a new discovery Earth check all beliefs. In addition there are strong interests so that the common people is not properly educated, for many reasons. Not so long ago, for the history of humanity, of course, it was believed that the Earth was flat and that where it ended the sea there were monsters. Not so long ago Galileo Galilei, the father of astronomy, he was burned at the stake for saying the earth revolved around the Sun. We could write a largisimo Rosary of these anecdotes.

It was said that even wrote to an Argentine President, Irigoyen, a journal so not he knew exactly what was happening in his country. With the advent of the Internet makes less than two decades (and time passes) flying, I can assure you everything is It boosted, it accelerated. At least before to write a book, or edit a newspaper had to make all material and intellectual effort, convince a Publisher. Now anyone can upload a page, build a blog. Upload photos or any text. There are already not only vested interests as before, as always, to get a wrong information to the public. We read in the newspaper a day that caffeine is recommended, two weeks after that coffee does hurt. Controversies on alcohol and its virtues or not, also come and go. Only by remembering two of the most common. The same thing with other elements or substances much harder to discern. Just to be absolutely serious in this, if often eminent universities researchers have controversies, what remains for the rest of us? As we said before, Internet only thing has done is to promote all these informations and contra-informaciones that have always existed. Therefore you must be careful. In the case of a site dedicated to food, health and physical activity, as Cuerpodiet, the only thing we can do is to write based on serious, recognized, publications with bibliography, but trying to that information is as simple as possible and it can be understood by those who are entitled, despite not being experts in the field, in having access to a life better. Because life and health are very serious, more serious, to leave it in ignorant hands. We would be much simpler to give them miraculous diets or magic recipes. Tell them that they adelgazaran 20 pounds in three days. Or that they will have the musculature of Schwartzenegger in three days. But no, we prefer to publish articles with a bibliography behind. That are serious. Although many times, our readers and readers do not listen to what they want to hear. At least they hear or read what you should read. We said before that Internet boosted everything, the good and the bad. Only that ultimately always remains good, serious. Galileo Galilei died burnt, it is true. But today we all know that the earth revolves around the Sun and not vice versa. Note: Before taking any initiative regarding your health, consult a professional.