Discover how lose weight eating being Flexible Intuitiva do you know which is the best way to gain weight? Being on a diet is the best way to gain weight. Scientific studies attest every day in clinical practice is obvious: more 90% of people who undergo diets (traditional methods of weight control based on control only what is eaten) unable to learn how to control your weight and, worst of all, is that much of them recover fast partially or fully lowered weight; and all this without going into the details of the risks to the physical and emotional health, involving in many cases. Then, what continue to insist on prescribing something they know hand as high percentage of failure?. Would if we equiparasemos a diet to an investment system, what little performance gain, right? . If you are interested of truth in making a good investment of your time, money and health, be sure to read what comes next.

Te You will be surprised and will take you to another higher level in your slimming process eating all benefits of weight loss eating. without banning you food By not prohibiting you nothing will get a few very important secondary benefits such as 1 – do not pass the hunger, 2 – do not put at risk your nutritional and emotional balance 3 avoid the dreaded effect I – I, 4 you can design an eating plan as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, 5 learn food strategies for long-term fostering healthy dietary patterns, 6 credits realistic expectations in food 7 you will stop thinking about food as a first resource to fill your other empty personal, 8 will decrease your eagerness to eat how to recover the thin person that there is inside you 1st step: be intuitive when it comes to feed yourself. Eating intuitively is the natural way of feeding us that since we are born we all have.