Turkey has been a key ally of the United States. The U.S. bases that this allowed placing on its soil aimed against the Soviet neighbor. The help of Ankara was vital for Washington to win the cold war and defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan. Today is essential in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

70% Of North American supply reaching the latter passes through his Republic. Turkey, in turn, is the Republican and secular model that West would like for the Islamic world. After having been the seat of the Islamic Caliphate during half a Millennium, Turkey abolished the hereditary powers and the subordination of the power to the mosque. It also replaced the Arabic alphabet for the Latin and sought a more Europeanized and flamboyant society. This has been one of the first States POPs in getting along with Israel and also represents the opposite example that Al Qaeda embodies. Washington has never made many problems about constant allegations that Turkey slaughtering Kurdish populations or when this Republic has ventured into northern Iraq. The PKK is regarded in the United States as a terrorist organization.

However, the Kurdish question has been turning some after the Anglo-American invasion in Iraq in 2003. Of the three ethnic groups that make up Iraq (Shiite Arabs, Sunni Arabs and Kurds) the latter is which tolerates more to the United States. Its is in areas where less attacks there and where more sympathies can count the occupants. The two big Kurdish parties (the patriotic and Democrat) are indispensable allies of the White House and its Government ally in Baghdad will collapse without them. Ankara believes that if it enters northern Iraq, USA might be obliged to accept such fait accompli in the same way that makes it with Israel. However, the Kurds in that zone are not Palestinians led by anti-imperialists and Islamists, but less anti-norteamericana population of Iraq and possibly the entire environment.