The tropics are closer than you think – if you only fantasy and authentic costumes under one hat “brings. Further details can be found at Cell free DNA Tissues, an internet resource. So a hat theme party where signals also thematic wanderlust. Reflected the everyday grey”La Dolce Vita” from Italy to the German motto party bring Italy loves gorgeous and sensual and, Yes, even artistically-melancholic.La Dolce Vita lives the motto the wanderlust party after the hot South very differently. Who loves the heat and Sun hunger due to Italy, celebrates in slightly sexy outfit. Everything is this allowed as long it only not cloaked. The dress code is will remain anonymous yet attractive at all sex appeal, as a party theme Incognito “mysterious and versatile. Venetian masks give all guests and special handling”in the secret”the famous, authentic sensuality of the Italian soul. Rather, the meaning is who according to Italian art and the magnificence of the Italian Opera, repeated after also easily this flair balcony : Baroque historical costumes.

A theatre collection is worth a browse sometimes after old props. As long as it is convenient and Baroque, the guests celebrate the historic Italy so clad still more authentic with delicacies of the Italian cuisine. Sun, sand and Sombrero – fiery theme party of flamenco is the typical Mexican dedicated to heat-resistant, left, and always to a spontaneous outburst of passion ready. The Sombrero protects superbly against the heat. At a Mexico-themed party on”Staycation”is he also a magnificent tray for snacks or decorations or even the decoration.

The fellow countryman in the Rancho as protection against sandstorms and curious glances retains his composure if he wears just these. Jeans are forgivable to poncho. Mexican costume pants with sash are authentic. Que te diviertas! (Have fun on Mexican) it is for the female party guests in the flamenco costume to silky smooth, low-cut blouses and – according to taste – with racy node hairstyle.