It is said makes to itself same through knowledge and work since the latter is considered in several ways as a rewarding experience, a creative capacity, a vital activity, a means to achieve the fullness or counterclockwise with a degradation or a punishment, and these approaches are as varied because of the history. Currently work is an alternative that is greatly valued, in the foreground is an activity that encourages growth by what must be given a meaning and must be a taste for performing opportunities are few and not to exploit them can guide us to the individual and social frustration. Within the work develops, this by the use of abilities such as intelligence or capabilities for diverse activities, which allow to make a proper use of nature for its transformation. This could be considered to work as the ultimate expression of life due to the large amount of experiences that are acquired and form us into the long journey of the employment. As a man and as living being activities must not be machined, the standard marks all the excesses are harmful to be by what must always be an average between work and relaxation, which is a factor key to be able to properly perform our obligations. The appropriate combination of these factors makes the life of man as man full in the individual, social environment and the environment.

Therefore we conclude that man can master their destiny, it can be done and can create a life. It is the result of their work in an orderly world, lives the experience of being in the same and man is the result of last of the evolutionary process that is able to philosophize and acquire knowledge. Lic. Jose Manuel Navarro Rosillo. MDOH student.