You’re a man who so common activities like going to the beach, swimming in a pool or play basketball. However, these as fun pastimes, also represent a torture for you. Not you you take off the shirt, you feel that you have to hide something. You don’t want to be mocked because you have moms in a much larger size of which would like to have. Perhaps you suffer from Gynecomastia, a benign condition that occurs in men, characterized by the growth of breast, explains the plastic surgeon John Pagan.

What is gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is a condition much more frequent than one can imagine, and it develops at puberty, argues Pagan, who adds that it is relatively common to, at this stage, breast grow boys a little because it increases the amount of mammary gland and tissue fat that there are in that area. There are patients who have a great a cone shaped breast, pronounced, as if it were women and one knows that when it comes to those levels, the problem is intolerable for the patient and make him wait indefinitely, you are not going to do much good, warns Pagan. 70 Percent of men have some type of gynecomastia. Severe cases are less common. Seven of every 10 men may suffer from it, refine the plastic surgeon Claudio Corral.

Reason for Gynecomastia mockery may be a condition which becomes reason to make a male victim of teasing, recognizes Pagan. If a very large volume, the mammary glands of the piece man becomes a problem that hinders the daily activity and interaction with their friends and acquaintances, warns Pagan. At that age of adolescence, that these are psychologically vulnerable, is a problem. It also affects how friends treat him, look at it and talk to them. If removed the shirt at the pool or on the beach, it is a problem because it becomes cause for mockery, says the surgeon. Do we know if you suffer from Gynecomastia, or male breast disorder? Pagan warns that patients are sorted them physicals and blood Labs to confirm that the case is one of common Gynecomastia related hormonal changes of puberty, and not one related to disease or other ailments. Some are endocrine disorders, some, are tumors, warns Pagan. It must also develop a medical history of the patient because, in some cases, the growth of mammary glands may be due to the use of drugs and illegal or controlled substances such as anabolic steroids, or marijuana, argues Pagan. Occasionally, is consulted an endocrinologist do overweight? Some patients come with a combination of two problems: they have Gynecomastia, but they are also overweight. Then the overweight adds and exacerbates his Gynecomastia pointed Pagan. If the patient has a BMI of more than 30, the first management recommended Pagan is you rout. We know that we will have a better result in the short term, because complications are minor. We have a best result in the long term because the patient is going to operate in a better state of health, in proportions of fat between chest, torso and belly. It will be better, he says. But fortunately: there is good news. Now came a very successful stubbing the male breast and method the best:!No surgery required! Known in detail, by clicking on: method to cure Gynecomastia, or male breast.