We have all heard of countries with super highways and even praises the total of the European roads in the same cities, on a regular basis. But our reality, at least in Guadalajara, and most of Latin America, is quite different. It is not amaze us, taking into account the difference in budgets aimed at the maintenance and improvement of transport routes. The so-called potholes have been without a doubt, the most risky condition of a path, and can damage our vehicles or even an accident of unfortunate consequences. However with a cautious handling we should not have major problems, this does not rule out quite serious accidents for our vehicle. There is no doubt that the bumps are a potential hazard to cars, but it is also a matter of concern for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians in general. Within large cities, sewers without lid are an increased bump, with severe risks, almost always, remain the responsibility of the citizens the disappearance of these caps. Yet governments sooner or later, end up taking care of such problems, the point to take into serious account as fast can deal with these obligations. The only thing that we can do on our part, is to be aware of the existence of these dangerous routes and try to avoid them at all costs. Original author and source of the article