The laughing raises a laugh with his laugh itself: here are awarded messengers that activate the oxygen uptake, the brain shuts back, something in the background cause problems and worries, it starts an immediate self meditation. Of course in the group in the project team, this has great consequences: the smiling swing up each other by eye contact and never miss an even a very positive mood. So, the project manager can make happy his team. Can do: Argue with a wink for the introduction of a Chief Officer emotion what you mean? Dr. Christian Eisenschink: Is promoted as well as the physical fitness of employees of the company, so even someone for that should be emotional climate in the company feel responsible.

So could intrigue prevented and resolved bad moods. The person who emotion officer holds the Office of the Chief, should the emotional factors actively shape the soft. It would be comparable to the jester at the Court of King, which makes for a good mood and could therefore initiate a cultural change. Can do: With laughter can be improved also the corporate, project and team culture, increased creativity and optimized dealing with customers. How does it look in concrete terms? Dr. Christian Eisenschink: The culture of the team and the team making are in the project management of central importance: If at the beginning of a project now a laughter-Yoga event, the team would come close very quickly. Because common clapping, joint laughter, pantomime laughter exercises, group exercises, in which the individual team members touch, you can experience the whole person and not just his role in the project.

This is crucial for the project. It has so an active harmonic basis, one can work in the then even more efficiently with each other. On the customer side, which is quickly explained: who has a positive charisma, good humoured and friendly, which is a positive impulse for his counterpart.