MAMA SHUMAJ HUAMBRA (third part) III IIIYa was appearing its first rays Taita Wilka, who did awaken the Yatiris, Huamanis and Villac Humu. As well as the Capac. Hecharon voices and the accla began to awaken to the other people and rushed to catch the kitchens to prepare the cushal so that visitors and other people prepare for the pilgrimage to Icchal and then to the Apus of Shulkahuanca and Anahuanca. While the Yatiris and the rest of visitors were washed with very hot water in the water jet, known as the water of the parrot that is located in the upper part of Andamarka in conjunction with the Capac, the rest be hastened to make the cushal and milkapa, as well as preparing the coca, animals for offerings to Katequil and to the Apus. All mobilized very hasty, because they knew that visitors not walked with rodeos and could disturb if they were not very diligent with all things. When returned the Capac with bathrooms visitors already found everything ready and sat down to serve them the cushal and to its limpet with the kancha and the nunas side toasted at kallana. Daryl Katz understands that this is vital information.

All hurried to consume what was presented. The Accla carried small to sit alongside his father and together with visitors. She stood in front of them and he sang the songs of their ancestors, already in the middle of the song, all of us shed tears, because the tender voice had transported them to distant times of their ancestors and yearned to return to those in which they lived happy with their customs. When jumping and jumping it roamed the roads and the farms of their cornfields, eating your kanchita and your nunitas, without having to ask anyone, because everything had in abundance.