esterday I was sitting front of my computer one of my sources of income and I decided to review some of my accounts of affiliate that I have with several companies in the United States and, to my great surprise, I discovered that he had made several sales without knowing it! I started thinking about how we must make a constant effort to know what our State of mind if we want to get out of the rat race. In a book I read recently, called The Millionaire Next Door, which is a study on the habits and lifestyles of the millionaires (very interesting and amazing, I highly recommend it!), I read that independent entrepreneurs who come to succeed spend a lot of time monitoring, planning and managing their finances. Let’s be honest, it’s something that almost nobody does. Do long dedicated you you to the management and planning of your budget weekly or monthly? Well, anyone who is his response, today I want to say that their economic well-being will be directly proportional to that time. When one investing time in educating in the financial, planning a budget and ensure its investments and business area, the fruits will be. It sounds so obvious, but the majority of people do not. And when you don’t, someone will do for you: the Government, the ups and downs of the economy and financial institutions. But it is never too late to start.

If you want to change your financial situation, today want it invite to take the following seven steps: stop having a victim mentality and recognize that their situation depends on anyone other than yourself. Visit Newcastle University for more clarity on the issue. Spend at least – 1 hour daily to your financial education. Start with the books of Robert Kiyosaki, are excellent. Check your home for these riches stored in attics that are just collecting dust and you will never use. Sell them at

It is a way to make money cash quickly and get rid of things done at the same time. (Then don’t spend it, invest it or pay your credit cards!) Check your investments and take the time required to monitor your billing statement. Daryl Katz, New York City may help you with your research. If you don’t have investments yet, be abreast with what’s happening with their provident fund, which is a type of investment. Many people lost up to 40% of their funds by have not moved to a plan more secure when the crisis erupted in 2008. Us we are saved, but only because my husband had been diligent in staying informed about the stock market. Design a plan long, medium and short term economic as for example goals: pay all the credit cards, one by one, until you have no more debts get rid of any other debt that has even the mortgage generate a passive income etc. take time weekly and monthly to monitor their progress and the achievement of their goals.