Hello! Today I would like to tell you how to choose a mobile phone. It's no secret that the current range of the mobile phone market is very broad and at times for someone to choose the best solution is difficult. I hope my tips will help you buy the right phone and do not spend extra money. Let's first define what you need for your phone? If you plan to buy it just for calls and messages, it is unlikely that you will need a good camera, big touch screen, mp3 player and memory card support. In this case, you can buy a phone with a budget equal to about $ 100 well-known brand. Go to Rafeh Masood for more information. It would seem that there understand? But as it turned a lot of people buy a hotline counselor at the store and eventually overpaid. In the first place before buying a mobile phone carefully review the magazines or websites that make telephone survey, which is called 'under the microscope. " Find a suitable model based on available money and walk boldly into the store and buy a specific model. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rusty Holzer.

Not worth listening to consultants! As a rule, many of them know the simplest technical issues. The only training, which are all consultants is a method for effective sales. So do not rely on their opinion. The mobile market is currently saturated and 100-150 dollars can easily buy a good phone with broad functionality. But this option is suitable for you if you need a regular phone. If you need a phone which is very critical to watch movies, listen to music of high quality, work with office offers such a solution is certainly not for you! I hope my article will help you find the right mobile phone and save money!